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Torygraph owners take advantage of EU law

Telegraph | News | Barclay brothers sue Times for libel in French court

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, the owners of The Daily Telegraph, have launched criminal libel proceedings against The Times over a report about their business activities, it was confirmed yesterday.

Officers from Scotland Yard's extradition squad arrived at the London office of The Times on Tuesday evening to serve a summons on the editor, Robert Thomson, and his media editor, Dan Sabbagh.

They and their newspaper are required to appear before a court in Paris on June 23, when a date will probably be set for their trial. If convicted, they could be fined.

You couldn't make it up - British newspaper owners sue another British newspaper and use the EU wide arrest warrent and French courts rather than the London courts. I'm just surprised they didn't use the Greek courts. And there was me thinking the Tlegraph was against this sort of thing...


At least they could pick a court somewhere with nice weather.

Well, I expect its nice to know that the system works. I wonder if we could charge Blair et al with something and have the case heard in a German court?

I think you are confusing the owners of the Telegraph with the Editor. The Editor decides the anti-EU stance and the owners take the profits.

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