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Red Rose Ban

Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Lib Dem Council Bans St George's Day Red Roses

A Liberal Democrat council has banned its staff from wearing red roses on St George's Day.

Pen dipped in vitriol - ready to write, Lib Dems, council banning, St George oh this is going to be good.

Oh - actually no -

A Stockport Council spokesman said: “The red rose initiative for St George’s Day was organised last year by the market traders and we contributed to the cost of the celebration, which included roses to be worn by the traders themselves.

“However, we now have legal advice that if we used public money to fund the issue of red roses this year, during the run-up to an election, there would be a real risk that it would be unlawful, since the red rose is the symbol of a political party.

“Instead, this year we are making arrangements to get in stocks of hundreds of small St George’s Day flags and bunting to help the market celebrate that day.

“The plan is for little flags, rather than red roses, to be funded. In addition, Stockport Town Hall and the Market Place will be flying the flag of St George on the day.”

Oh, that sounds fair enough.


As a Stockport native I'm still rather unhappy they think flying the national flag on the 23rd is a big deal. Surely it should be flying everyday? Ahh well not as bad as it could be considering it's the Lib Dems!

Sanity! That rare and wonderful thing in English politics.

Phew, Heart attack averted. I could feel my blood pressure rising...

Actually, I prefer the flag idea. The red rose is the symbol of either Yorkshire or Lancashire (one of the northern bits anyway), the flag is for the whole nation.


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