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.eu domain

INn 2000 it was reported: Europe set to replace .com in 2001 - vnunet.com

Plans mooted by European government and business leaders to drop .com for .eu as the flagship European domain extension are on course, and registrations may start next year.
Ian Lynch, vnunet.com 04 Oct 2000

In 2003 I reported the follow up:
An Englishman's Castle: .eu bollocks

In 2004 I reported another follow up:
An Englishman's Castle: Couldn't run a whelk stall

And today in 2005 the BBC reports:

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | EU to launch its own web domain

The European Commission has said that the new internet domain name ".eu" will be up and running by the end of 2005.

.eu the only domain it has taken 10 years to set up! I think that tells you all you need to know about the thrusting, modern, dynamic Europe commission.


Did you know that you can already make preliminary reservations of .eu domain names and "bollockstothe".eu was still free. Well, until about 10 minutes ago......
Pre-registering is free - I wouldn't actually want to give real money to something with that in the title. Except in my taxes - sigh....

For preregistration, you need to own a related brand name I believe. However once it gets started in earnest I plan to buy a domain or two. It could be fun.

On a related note to actualfactual's comment: screwthe.eu, scrapthe.eu, buggerthe.eu, alltheministersliketoshaggoatsinthe.eu, weallhatethe.eu and so on.

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