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Have a Happy St George's Day

In case I don't blog tomorrow have a Happy St George's Day and "Here's to England, God knows she needs all the help she can get."

As for myself I'm babysitting the Englishettes tonight so no drinks with Mr FM and The Good Colonel - which might be good for my liver for once.

With the girls asleep; as Pope Gregory would have said:
Responsum est, quod Angli vocarentur. At ille: "Bene," inquit; "nam et angelicam habent faciem, et tales angelorum in caelis decet esse coherides."
it is time to crack open a bottle of Lidl's best Red Wine.

I consider it self financing now with my new money making scheme. It might not quite be up there with The Worstall's schemes but it works. The trolleys unlock with Pennies as well as Pounds, so I pop in and unlock a trolley with 1p - wait for an old dear to look confused as she searches for a Sov and offer her my trolley - take the odd coins she has and I'm 99p up on the deal. Do it three times before the first old girl has made it past the checkout and pop in for a bottle of Vino on offer at 2.97. Easy.

Cheers and tootle pip!


Goodness me, I had no idea things were so bad in Britain. I'll pop a money order in the post right away, Tim.

P.S. Of course this joke would work better if I still lived in Australia, rather than Britain.

Happy St.George's Day. I think I might try the Lidl wine too sometime but today, I'm stsrting with the beer festival in Euston and seeing where we get to from there.

Have a good 'un anyway.

That's despicable. Conning old ladies out of their pension... wait a sec -- your TAXES are paying for their pension.

Never mind. Carry on.

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