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Kids are a blooming nuisance.

Telegraph | News | Mother wants 250,000 for failed abortion

A mother who gave birth to a twin girl after an abortion failed is suing the hospital for 250,000 to help bring up her daughter.

Stacy Dow discovered she was expecting twins when she was 16 and decided, because of her age and inability to support a child, to have an abortion.

The procedure was carried out when she was around seven weeks pregnant and she was given a contraceptive injection afterwards...

"When I got to 33 weeks I went to the GP again and he told me I was pregnant. I was absolutely stunned. I didn't know what to say or do. It was obviously too far on to do anything.

''My mother told my boyfriend's parents for me. They were shocked too.

"I had no option but to go through with the birth.

"Although I love her to bits, I have a child now that I wasn't planning to have and I believe the hospital should take some responsibility.

''None of us would be without Jayde now but looking after her has been a financial struggle.

"It has totally changed my life and my parents' lives."

The court papers say that as a result of the failed termination Miss Dow suffered "stress and anxiety upon the discovery of her continuing pregnancy".

The papers add: "She has the financial burden of care and upbringing of Jayde. She suffers an impediment in her ability to obtain employment in consequence of her care for the child."

With hundreds of women spending thousands of pounds on IVF and flying round the world to Chinese orphanages and so on to get a baby didn't anyone suggest to this ungrateful cow she might like to give up the little tot for adoption so it had a chance to escape the type of life she leads?

UPDATED - thanks to a reader for pointing out that I had made an erroneous assumption about the father of the child - I have deleted that portion of the post.


Jayde! No further comment needed ...

The Alchemist is equaly horrified by the sprog's name, but he also cannot help remembering an article he read recently which indicated the average cost of raising a child to 18 was 40'000. Should Ms Slapper keep the child, this must therefore be the absolute ceiling for compensation. Though since it is an average, she realy ought to get less.

She should pay US compensation for the cost of the NHS treatment, plus the state's cost of raising her child - benefits, medical and educational.

Maybe she should have had a second checkup before the 24 weeks abortion deadline??

You might want to adjust the comment about the father.

The Times says that he died 2 years ago

any mother that would consider killing her own baby is lower than a slug.

Then she wants compensation for her baby not being killed.

When the baby grows into an adult and discovers what a monster mum is, perhaps she can perform a late-late abortion on her mother.

Seems fair no?

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