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Worrried - do I look worried?

Prodi says a French 'non' vote would be the fall of Europe - World - Times Online

Two polls over the weekend showed that the "no" campaigns are gaining ground in France and the Netherlands, which votes three days later. More than 20 successive polls have predicted that the French will reject the constitution. The latest put the “no” vote at 62 per cent, the highest yet. The latest Dutch poll showed 52 per cent planning to vote "no".
On Friday the Commission admitted that it was concerned for the first time. "It is very clear that the Commission, like everybody else, is worried by the turn of the statistics," a spokeswoman said.
Signor Prodi went further, telling a French newspaper that if France rejected the treaty "there will be no more Europe".

My worry is that somehow the ballot boxes will say something different - but apart from that I'm preparing for a "happy dance"...


The fall of the EU?
If only.....

'The Commission, like everyone else, is worried by the statistics.' Not everyone else surely, or there'd be no 'no' votes.

Are postal votes allowed in these referenda?

They'll stuff the ballots.

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