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The (soviet) state we are in..

Brown handouts create a "Soviet" north - Sunday Times - Times Online

PARTS of the UK are as dependent on the state as some Soviet bloc countries were at the time communism collapsed, a new analysis based on official figures shows.
It paints a picture of large areas of the country whose prosperity in recent years owes everything to Gordon Brown’s largesse with taxpayers’ money, and which will struggle when spending slows down to more normal levels.

In the North-East public spending constitutes 59% of GDP while in Scotland that figure is 52%. That compares to us poor beknighted souls in London and the South-East - the area that actually produces the wealth - where only one third of GDP is public spending.

Thanks to a loyal reader reminding me of this article.


This terrible state of affairs really does deserve more publicity but, of course, in this rather strange general election it won't get it. Instead we'll be concentrating on more important issues like how to clean a hospital ward. There's a real scandal here, Gordon Brown is buying votes in the Labour stongholds of Scotland, North-East England and Wales at the expense of the blue half of the country, and the media is letting him get away with it.

As the media are the propaganda wing of new labour they are actually in favour of this sovietisation to keep those nasty tories out.

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