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The Tory gets my vote

I was meant to go to a public meeting last night to heckle listen to all of our Parliamentary Candidates but I was too hung over and tired from Monday Night Rifle Practice at the Pub which degenerated after that light weight wuss Mr FM left...

So I'm sorry I have had to make my mind up on our local candidates by reading their leaflets. The Lib Dem one was so forgettable I have forgotten it. Ms Nu-labour just simpered how wonderful life is under Tony and how the Big Bad Tories want o come back and eat your first born. She also made her main point "protecting local NHS" to try and get votes from people who don't want our local hospital closed. As a loyal little Blairette she tried to spin her way out of how closing local hospitals makes local services better...

UKIP has probably the worst candidate photograph I have ever seen - basically the passport photo of someone who looks like a dodgy history teacher with an interest in cardigans and steam trains. And their pamphlet is mainly concerned with "immigration". Sorry, not one of my major worries and uncomfortably close to the BNP. And to make the fifth major point banning GM crops and unbanning vitamin supplements is basically a joke.

So that leave the Tory...Michael Ancram (see he observes the decencies of closing his MP website).
His leaflet has him talking to a lovely baby - obviously the loveliest baby in the whole constituency, if not the whole of Christendom, wait - look, it is the younger Englishette! He has chosen one of my beautiful daughters to show off how lovely babies are in his constituency. What a man of taste, got my vote. Policies? who cares? this is personal.


I'll be voting Conservative too. I've just received the leaflets and whilst I would have voted Conservative anyway, our candidate has expressed views against road humps (a pet hate of mine) and other sensible policies (although unfortunately expressing nothing on ID cards or gun control). Still instead of grudgingly voting for him, I'm happily voting for him.

The Lib-Dem leaflet is awful, the candidate has for his main picture a photo of him meeting their leader. The candidate, while normally looking gormless, looks totally overwhelmed with meeting the "great man", and you are left with the impression that he (the candidate) is a half-wit. It's the sort of picture you'd expect to appear from someone criticising the Lib-Dems, not actually on their election literature.

But... but... surely it's quite clear that Michael Howard is one of the top ten most evil people alive? He's served as Home Secretary for Christ's sake, isn't that enough of a warning? :P

To be fair, I wouldn't be surprised if the Tories did want to eat small children. As far as I'm concerned, a vote for them is a vote for small government, a badly-managed fluctuating economy, crap public services for most people, higher taxes for the poor and lower taxes for the rixh, no overall wealth creation strategy... the list goes on. I don't think that the Tories have a good enough calibre of representatives to desrve being in office, beyond my hippy-liberal left wing bias.

And c'mon - what's more important here - road humps or ID cards, Christ???

A vote for gun-grabber & ID card supporter Howard, are you completely mad, Sir?

While the choice on offer is lamentably similar to that open to the Polish people in 1939, at least a protest vote for the (official) Raving Loony part (as opposed to the 3 Parliamentary ones) would be in order........

>And to make the fifth major point banning GM crops and unbanning vitamin supplements is basically a joke.

Yeah, same crap on the UKIP pamphlet that came through my door as well. I could have told them that this isn't the popular grass-roots issue they think it is.

(Then again, it probably *is* popular by the standards of a party that considers itself lucky to attract more 2% of the vote).

At least I am not the only who wants to vote but cannot find a party Received no leaflets apart from the BNp and Labour. Got a labour MP know who she is but wouldn't recognise her if she knocked on the front door. Got one of the bigwigs from the BNP standing but cannot remember his name.

God knows who else is standing

"see he observes the decencies of closing his MP website"

He didn't have any choice... the whole of the parliamentary system is closed down for the duration - e-mails and all - and the MPs are locked out of their offices. SOP.

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