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I''m very lucky to have some kind and erudite readers who email me things, so I thought I would try a small experiment. This is an "Open Comment" post - I will keep it at the top for a few days and I invite you to post comments on anything you want to. Don't be shy! (The usual rules apply - this is my private property so I will remove anything I want to but I take no responsibility for the views expressed etc.)

So.. "Wet for this time of year, eh?"....


I propose that in the upcoming parliament a register be taken of all Acts passed that affect England alone and of which MPs voted which way. Strip out all non-English votes, and if the purely English result would have been different then a free pass should be given to allow any taxpayer in England to deep fry the non-English MPs in engine oil.

Good idea Patrick. I believe the Tory manifesto pledges to do something about the so called West Lothian question although the media and the parties generally appear not to wish to promote constitutional reform. On which topic I am all for a second house elected by PR.

Following on from the above the "Barnett Formula" needs to be dealt with. This little funding scam means Scotland gets more per head than England. Hmmm guess who pays for this extra cash? Yes - us English taxpayers!

Isn't this discrimination?

The extent to which the English have become disadvantaged compared to the other British nations is quite scandalous. Our situation vis-a-vis the Scots should be a matter for public debate but apparently we're just prepared to accept having our northern neighbours walking all over us. I thought that something might happen when the Scots abolished tuition fees and specifically excluded English students (ie those students whose parents' taxes were actually funding the abolition), but we seem to be prepared to accept any slap in the face from our Celtic cousins.

The Conservatives would be the obvious party to address this - they've only got the one seat to lose north of the Border anyway. Why doesn't Howard tell the truth about what's going on with the distribution of public funds in the UK - for example, if live in Glasgow you'll have 40% more spent on you than if you live in Leicester? It would at least be nice to see it raised as an issue.

..and while we're talking about unlevel playing fields in the political arena how about this scam:

If the Tories and Labour are neck and neck in the polls, Labour would get a 100 seat overall majority because of the biased and uneven distibution of densely and sparsely populated constituencies. I'm not a Tory apologist, but in a supposedly fair democracy that just sucks.

The Electoral Commission should divide the total number of registered voters nationwide by 646 (or whatever the correct number of Westminster MPs is) and not allow any constituency to deviate by more than a small amount from the average voter population. This would entail reallocating voting wards differently to constituencies (and possibly even reallocating postcodes to wards). This would also further reduce the number of Scottish, Welsh and Ulster MPs who, despite a recent reduction of 11 seats in Scotland, are still over-represented.

The current situation for a disgruntled Tory in England is that he pays most tax, gets least back in public service, subsidises other regions, his vote counts less, etc, etc.

Fancy a grumble about postal votes too anyone?

As an English resident, I agree that the West Lothian question needs a rational resolution. But go easy on the money argument, boys; the books can also be done in a way that shows a massive subsidy from Scotland to the rest of the UK, because of the oil and gas revenues. There's no point arguing about whether Scotland "should" be credited with them: the sea-bed was divided between English and Scottish jurisdictions decades ago. Stick to the political outrageousness of Blair's daft devolution arrangements, even though those might anyway be trumped by his postal voting policy.

Bloody was on Lundy!

Close, so close...


Sorry to have been so slow, but a metaphorical penny has just dropped. Why are Labour so keen to have a Council Tax revaluation? Why does a government need an up-to-date value for every house in the land? Because then it can apply Capital Gains Tax when you sell your house. It will help itself to 40%, or whatever, of the difference between what you get for your house and its Council Tax valuation. If Toni denies it, you will know that it is true.

Isn't that the definition of a politician? That you can tell s/he's lying when his/her lips move?

Or is that only Labour politicians?

(Cripes! If I'm this cynical at 22 what the hell will I be like in 20 years time?)

The answer Dumb Brit is all of the above.
Oh yes and the one below..

I don't know the figures but surely the tax revenue raised from England that is actually spent in Scotland (Holyrood anyone?) surely outweighs the Oil and Gas Revenues?

Fact is without English money Scotland would be, to put it simply, skint.

(CGT doesn't apply to your main residence home)

Steve B: no, the last time I saw the sums reported, the oil and gas revenue dwarfed the govt subsidy to Scotland. As I said, best to leave the money argument out since it turns on arbitrary accounting conventions. The political argument is, in contrast, conclusive.
PL: but it will; that's my point. THEY are going to tax your house when you sell it and that tax will be additional to the ones you pay now; it won't replace them.

Well it will simply stop people selling houses.

Don't yawn, but "pensions". I learnt yesterday that under the new arrangements from April'06, the old "Tax Free Lump Sum" will be replaced by the "Pension Commencement Lump Sum", a change of name that is as clear a signal as you'll get that THEY plan to stop it being tax-free. THEY think that your money is theirs to play with. You gonna let 'em?

I don't ask for much ... help out with a googlebomb please?


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Leather Penguin - that is the new super updated Alliance blogroll for you!

OK, so who's for dissolving the union then? English independance anyone?

Minor comment. Actually I think the UK's gas is overwhelmingly in English not Scottish waters.

Does any one know where to get the figures with reagrds to the oil and gas tax revenues. All I have been able to find is a quote saying that the annual tribute paid to scotland is about £4 Billion more than the Oil and gas tax revenues (not all of which would go to Scotland anyway).

I don't know where certain people get the impression from that Scotland's deficit to UK taxes is in any doubt. The Scottish executive themselves have published the figures: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/library5/government/gers05-07.asp

They show quite clearly that Scotlandís Net Borrowing (how much more they spend than they earn) excluding oil revenues is £9.3 billion. That's how much they extract from the English taxpayer.

To Dave H, thanks for the link, as you say it does give all the information I was after.

Hi Tim please put this up for us, its another mammoth piece! Thanks Steve

A Nation of Ostriches!

On May 5th 2005 the UK will decide whether this country will continue in the same vain that it has for the pass eight years! Yes, the people will decide if we are to continue carrying on with policies that are driving the white indigenous people of Great Britain out of its Towns and Cities especially London. But who are these people in favour of this take over? Tony Blair and New Labour have done more to hasten the white flight of Londoners for ever from the streets of London than the mighty German Luftwaffe and its Blitz could ever do 65 years ago. Later on this year I will probably be joining this mass exodus that has seen over 200,000 indigenous people flee our capital city ever year for the past three decades. We are already on the verge where indigenous white people are becoming a minority in many of the London boroughs, the city of Leicester being a prime example. The only white people left will be the old and poor, and the left wing liberals and socialists whose views are so malignantly bias against white people and their historical past and culture of this Great country. However many of these lefties, those who have the power in policy making are the biggest hypocrites on the planet!

Look where many of these basteds live? It’s not in the so-called multi cultural areas that they wish for everyone else! And when they have succeeded in turning this country in the world biggest cess-pit, they can flee to their bolt-holes in Tuscany, France or where ever else they have stashed the readies! No-one asked the British public if they wanted to move from a 99.99% white society of 1945 to a hybrid mongrel state of 2005. I have watched in horror at the borough where I have lived most of my life disintegrate into a hotchpotch world of many tribes. I now have to pinch myself in disbelief at what has happened. I am now the minority in the borough where I was born and bred. And like many of those who do not like what has happen, I will move on away from the threat of racial crimes! Black on white muggings, murder, intimidation and victimization from alien life styles and a whole host of foreign values, that are not in step with those of many British born people who resisted a tyrant who was the world’s most ruthless and evil dictator, Adolf Hitler.

An analogy can be made two soldiers in their late 80s have just been rescued from an uninhabited island in the Pacific. Their ship went down in 1944 after being torpedoed by the non-political correct and barbarous Japs. They are the only survivors left and they have not been in England for 63 years what is their reaction? “Fucking-hell you tell us that we beat the Germans and the Japs, We won the war? What happened after that then, we were invaded by the rest of the world and lost”! No, we lost to common-sense and decency the elected politician has fucked has all over, feathered their own nest and left the indigenous people of Great Britain high and dry! They have been given to much power, prestige, reverence and put on pedestal like little Gods! We need to get back to treating them like the quacks of an all remedy snake potion salesman of the American wild west. And if their political remedies don’t work or we don’t like them and they don’t do our bidding, then threat them accordingly like (the French do)) and like they used to in the East End if busy-bodies came a nosing! A bucket of piss over their heads and a kick up the backside to send them packing.

If this country is to change from an Anglo Saxon/Celtic Race to a free for all it should be done a much slower pace, with its people’s blessing! Our ancestors came to this Islands with swords and shields in their hands not a couple of phrases like today; “I seek asylum” or “I’m British” (but have never set foot on these shores before!l)

This is a copy of a letter I sent to our Tony.

My Asylum diary, by one who has to live with the reality of a runaway immigration policy. But first some personal views on what is happening and what could easily happen if runaway immigration is not checked.

I thought you might like to hear how your asylum policy affects ordinary indigenous people like myself. One that now has to face, daily on a very personal basis the problems of living with a deluge of foreigners that have invaded this country over the past several years going right back to post war immigrants. 10 years ago it was reported that the borough where I live had the least amount of ethnic minorities in London. It sadly is no longer the case and I as a Londoner see nothing to rejoice in by becoming a minority in my own country. London and all our cities are being taking over by different races and cultures. Next stop are the small towns and villages and hamlets. Then the traitor’s work will have been completed and thus undertaken far more efficiently than any fifth colonists work, who were employed under Nazi Germany. And then the English as we know today will have disappeared from the face of this planet.

It may take only fifty to a hundred years at this rate. Then what can we expect for our children’s children? I can only hazard a nightmare guess and pray that this does not occur. As each faction of the different newcomers becomes more numerous they will demand and received more political power. This will seem a fair comment to the political correct, but where will it takes us? As the Muslims progress into the largest religious group they would be amongst the first contenders for split autonomy for justifying their own increasing majority in the UK. Then the African Caribbean’s could be followed by the Indians Asians, Turks and Arabs with the Chinese and Gypsies seen fighting their corners. England could easily be the new Yugoslavia! I hope this is something you could put your hand on your heart and say could never never happen. My story, how asylum and unchecked immigration is affecting the indigenous British!

Four years ago my former Greek neighbour split up from his wife. They both found new partners, we expected that their former matrimonial home of 15 years would be sold and the funds divided. However, whatever loss these former neighbours of ours may have felt when they turned their backs on their wedding vows, was nothing to how my wife and I felt when they parted! Our former neighbours left us a little reminder of themselves and their greedy insensitive character that can be found in many of those from the Basted island of Cyprus. (That is not my description, it is true Cyprus has been overrun many times.)

We do not have to look that far to see what a Greek has done to a local football club, the new owner took council money for refurbishment then sold off the football ground for development, and the club was left with a team with no home ground! That football club had a long and sometimes distinguished history in FA cup rounds but it all counted for nothing and the Greek got off Scott free. However, the local supporters have started up their own club. (I wondered why Robert Graves the author of ‘I Claudius’ and ‘Goodbye to All that’ had no time for the Greek, perhaps he had one living next door to him.)
(Back to the main story.)

Your Asylum gold beckoned, and our Greek prospectors obliged. They did not have to dig for it, no hard word work no for them, it was lying on the surface of our London streets, where if the unscrupulous look they will find that London is paved with gold, asylum gold that is! For the first 18 months there were a mixture of races from all over the globe living next door to my family home of the last twenty five years in a residential avenue. After this intrusion I had to adjust my former every day life making sure that they settled in and did not turn the place into a slum. In short New Labour’ unchecked immigration and bogus asylum policies have turned me an unpaid social worker, interpreter, gardener, and cleaner! I and countless others up and down the country did not vote For New Labour in 1997 for these privileges
It did not take long for the newcomers (nice PC word) to disintegrate the appearance of a 1930s four-bedroom house.

Rubbish was put out every day for cats and dogs to pull to pieces, it would not be long before we would see rats, (well not the two legged Greek version, The Bubble (Bubble and Squeak equals Greek, Cockney rhyming slang that is being replace by Jamaican street spill even by the white kids. Not long now before the Cockney disappears like his feather friend the sparrow.) does not give a toss about the appearance of his former home or the effect on the avenue and its neighbours, why should he there are another several in the avenue that have gone the same way. And all are let by foreigners on the asylum band wagon with no loyalty to this country.)

It was apparent to all that this lovely house that had always had owner-occupiers living there was now in fact a short-stay hostel for so-called asylum seekers. (Are there laws for a change of use from former private homes to asylum seeking residential slum homes, if not why not? And should UK indigenous citizens be informed and can they be compensated?) I considered selling my beautiful home but who would buy it now, after it has been so successfully blighted by you and your government policies? I would not receive the former value of its worth before our new neighbours had arrived!

After a couple of months I decided that these people must have some guidance as they were left to their own devices and had not a clue on how to fit in the neighbourhood. The hot botch of bedraggled humanity continued to arrive, many would poise for photographs to send back to their homelands. We even had a dishevelled Bin Larden look alike, turban and all poising on the steps of the former family home.

Three different women ended up staying here, one Kosovan, one Albanian and one African woman from the former French Congo. The African women arrived heavily pregnant within a week she had a baby girl to accompany her eight year old sister. Jacqui spoke no English and I had to brush up on my French. I introduced myself and told her that she and the others in the house must not put their rubbish out on a daily basis as the rubbish is only collected one day per week. After weeks of nagging the penny dropped with her. Then one night last winter her little girl (and I had doubts whether she was in fact related and not in some way hired out to her as she spoke very good English) came for help because the Electricity went off. I went in with my torch and could see that they had run out of credit on the pre-payment meter. I phoned the social services but they did not offer any help because the asylum seekers had been placed there by an outside agency and were not one of theirs!

I gave Jaquie a torch and several candles to get through the night, there was no sign of the other women in the house they had obviously made contact with their fellow countrymen and women and only used the house as a base and to pick up their weekly allowance from their social worker. After an hour on my phone and running up a bill to social workers mobiles, trying to get help for this woman to no avail I returned to find she had unwisely placed the candles on flammable surroundings wooden furniture even wickerwork ornaments. I was scared stiff she would burn the house down during the night, so I took most of the candles back and left her with two plus my touch. I then placed one in a saucepan told her to be very careful during the night.

Next morning as there was still no electricity, the young daughter of the Congo woman rang my bell for some hot water! This was only the start of my unpaid work for the foreigners with foreign ways that you and your policies have imposed on indigenous Brits like myself. I am giving you this account so that you will know first hand that my domestic and former private world as been turned upside down by my newly found responsibility to be my brother’s keeper which is taking the lords words a little too far!

I gave the young girl toast and some cornflakes with hot milk as well as the hot water she had asked for. However, the mother Jacquie came to my door with a big pot of meat or stew and asked me to heat it up, at this I drew the line and said “no”, but I relented and heated a small potion in the micro-wave. Jacquie and the other three asylum seekers moved on last summer, four young men from the four corners of the globe have taken their place. I have now had to start educating them to our customs and ways so they don’t turn the place into a slum all over again. This unpaid job that you have given me was one I never asked for. You have no idea what your policies are doing to the indigenous peoples of this country. Many are scared stiff and resent having the whole world plonked down beside them. These people are in the main not accustomed to our ways (also we don’t know if they have criminal backgrounds even murderers could be living next door!) but you don’t care, that it falls on us to pick up the pieces. Many former indigenous now are looking to the BNP to represent their views, as both main parties have lost the plot!

I have so far built up a rapport with those living there now, four young black men from the African continent, who incidentally all say they are 17 years old, although three of them look in the mid twenties! The curtains are left closed all the time and the former home is becoming a doss house, thanks Tony. I spoke to one recently and he borrowed five pounds from me to go to see his solicitor in Brixton. I never saw him for a week he was sent to Liverpool for an interview with your immigration/asylum department there. The cost of the ticket was £114 return, what a waste of money he surely could have been seen by a London office.

Do you realise what your polices are doing they are hasting ‘White Flight’ from our cities. I do no want to go but I may at some stage be forced to (at a financial loss!) if my quality of life continues to be affected by these intrusions and the rise of crime. If I can’t sell perhaps I to should take a lead from the Greek and let, please advice. I have bent over backwards to educate and help these people, but it is not my job to. I have given them bags of clothes, as they clearly have none and helped them with their forms and advice, but I just can’t do this indefinitely. Also it has not been all sweetness and light for them to be bundled together with others of different cultures. The police was called at the beginning of the summer The African women threaten a Kosovan women with a large carving knife. Why is your government so keen on helping others before the needs of our own?

Why do I have to look after the upkeep of the house and garden next door to my home at my personal expense? The other week I went in and showed one of them how to clean the toilet and bath and told him to show the others, its probably gone straight over his head. I supplied bleach and a mop and other cleaning materials, as there was none there. These people should not be housed in residential areas and blighting them, they should be housed in government holding centres with education on these basic household cleaning and hygienic practices, as well as our history and culture. Why is this house is let out like this? Why is there no one checking out the things I have described above? What is the asylum agency (called Bevlodge from Maidavale London) doing for its money? I can tell you “nothing” except planting new foreign bodies in there when the existing ones are moved on. Your policies are turning our cities into the slums of yesterday, are you waiting for an outbreak of the diseases that went with them before you act? TB is already breaking all post-war records in London which is disgusting for a so-called civilised western country. It is criminal that you are not checking out these people with a free x-ray on their arrival here, how long are you prepared to take this risk?

In the last few weeks, there have been several disturbances at the asylum lodge next door, (a 1930s semi)! During the early hours of the morning a visitor there, fell from a first floor window after climbing up on tiles over the porch to wake his friend by knocking on the window. The ambulance personal was not pleased, you see they has been called out to my new neighbours for colds and stomach pains several times over the last two years. Today I have had enough, I have placed my home of twenty five years on the market but I don’t hold much chance at getting the price it was worth before my Greek neighbours decided to let.

I have decided to sell because London does not hold the charm it use to. Its going to be a hard job! It’s a shame over 120 years my family line has lived in our capital city. Over the last year I have nearly been mugged twice by Afro-Caribbean youths, but I managed to get away from them by spotting them first on my bike. They have been ambushing locals in the park who use it as a shortcut. I don’t consider myself a racist but if I had been attacked I should very much think that the BNP would have a new member! Your government is doing nothing to tackle black on white crime, is every mugging of a white victim by a black assailants not to be considered a possible racist attack? There has also been a couple of black on white murders but they never seem to make the same impact in the media or government condemnation as white on black crimes. The white indigenous middle and working classes are leaving London like never before. There is no precedent for this mass exodus except during the evacuation periods of the WW2. (But they did came back didn’t they!) And all the while you and your government fiddles like Nero while London disintegrates into something that some many indigenous no longer wishes to be a part of.

We have enough to contend with in the UK with our own grown criminals without you importing those from abroad. What checks are carried out on those who come here? I could be living next door to a murderer or rapist or thieves for all you care! This country can not take the strain that is being placed on it indefinitely by immigration under what ever guise you want to dress it up in, asylum, legal visa workers what ever. My own father died an early death in 1960 as a result of services rendered during WW2. He and his generation did not go off to defeat Hitler so that you could give the country away sixty years later, without a shot being fired. The elderly in this country have to pay a license for an un-patriotic excuse of a broadcasting establishment called the BBC. This must stand for Basteds Before Christ, because they think they know best and are contemptuous for all the things that has given Britain its identity. The BBC discriminates against the history, culture and patriotism of Great Britain especially the English. I am from a working class background that you stated no longer existed the other year. The old antagonisms of class I feel are being replaced by racial tension. This is because this country is changing beyond all recognition far too quickly. The Irish and the Jews who came here in the past assimilated, not always easy but they did, after a time of living amongst their own people in our major cities. What your policies have done is to place willy, nilly, people without a clue on our ways into former tight communities and splitting us up, which has never happen on such a scale before, hence White Flight. Why is no one debating or tackling this political demographic issue?

The multi-cultural society that you propagate does not in reality exist for many like myself. (I cannot thanks to new property laws, report my new Rastafarian neighbour of the other side of me for his never ending boom base beat which is driving me around the bend, for if I do report him to the council, I would have to declare it on any future vendor’s legal forms.

You and the rest of the left wing intelligentsia (the do as I say not as I do brigade.) has betrayed the indigenous working classes who looked to the Labour party to safeguard their interests. Your namesake George Orwell (Blair) hit the nail write on the head when he stated the socialists he knew were phoney and would not come within a bargepole length of the working classes. They were all theory bods, the same applies today, you make laws for the masses but have no intention of being effected by those laws because your money keeps you at a safe distance. One term in office can produce a millionaire MP on your salaries, expenses and partners doubling up as assistants. And you want to know why the public is so cynical and MPs have such a low esteem among us. God knows, your living on different planets more so now that you have virtual legalised pot. (Something that was done by the rebellious young in the past who for the most part grew out of it.) How many potheads are driving vehicles around? How many asylum seekers/ immigrants are driving with no licence or insurance? Million two million what are the tragic consequences of all this and mostly the labour party’s making? What we want now, not tomorrow is good old fashion policing on the beat, clear the streets of yobs and muggers and those driving while on drugs or drink. We the tolerant British people don’t care what colour they are red, white, pink black or blue as long as they can police areas and prevent crime. Yes prevent not react to it! I have met ethnic people in London who have settled here in the last 40 years, they also state, what is happening is wrong.

You have funds for wars and funding for asylum seekers, my asylum neighbour’s home is better heated than mine I saw a four hundred pound plus gas bill ready to be paid for by courtesy of the state. The same state that leaves thousands of indigenous children living in tower blocks up and down the country with no gardens to play in while you house foreigners in low level housing with gardens! Families with children, both British or foreign should never be placed in such dwellings could you imagine bringing up your own children in one? The restrictions on a “normal” child’s healthy development are mind numbing! Children can’t play in a garden, that those in houses take for granted. If children in tower blocks or flats do get fresh air and some exercise it’s becomes a mammoth task to achieve this, say nothing of the street culture that awaits them when they go out unaccompanied in their teens!! And all the while your lack of policy on immigration and asylum are detrimental to the social and economic standards of living for the indigenous Brit.

How can you invite the whole world in to the UK when there are still many our own people living in the conditions that I have described above?

The Labour party came into existence to better the social and economic condition of the working classes of this island not the worlds. It has some how lost its way in trying to achieve this, you seem to have a good heart but you are trying to be all things to all people! For the sake of race relations in Great Britain and our children’s children future, the draw bridge of immigration and non genuine asylum must come up NOW! This June is the sixtieth anniversary of D-Day, that day Britain and her allies released Europe from nazis tyranny. My father’s generation did not do that for us to be invaded in return! My uncle spent two days bobbing around on a landing craft somewhere on the southern English coastline being sick, the men had to do their number ones and two over the side! These were some of the conditions that our brave courageous servicemen of WWII went through before they hit the beaches of Normandy! My uncle has now joined the white flight out of London, he lived in a tower block all his married life such rewards are pitiful for such sacrifices, for those who gave up so much. Your policy on immigration are mind boggling, charity starts at home send expertise to these countries that want to flood here with their people, help bring up their economies but for the love of Nora, we can’t take the whole world in!

Our children and theirs, do deserve better treatment form a state that called to arms their fathers and grandfathers. Do you realise or care that they are the grandchildren of those men and women who contributed to the greatest human effect in history by defeating the world’s greatest tyrant! Where the hell does a politician get off in not tackling our own home grown woes of social injustices before those of the worlds? Yes, we can take some genuine asylum seekers, the one I have met have indicated that they are economic migrants who can blame them from coming here. But we must draw the line somewhere before its too late. Racial harmony in this country depends on such a decision. We cannot cater for the whole world just because some bleeding heart liberals who don’t live in the real world have got it wrong!

The majority of the British indigenous never asked for a multicultural society and you never had a mandate from us to pursue it. But you have anyway, and are doing more damage to Britain’s cultural and historical identity than anyone at any time in our history and you will not be forgotten for it. Look at London for example vast chunks I would say the majority has changed for ever, it is our capital city but in record space of time is becoming a non-white non-Christian city as are many places in Britain today.

History will judge you, I don’t think that I’m xenophobic, call me a racist if it makes you feel better because you cannot bare to hear the truth. I would not be writing references for a young Sudanese man to stay in this country if I was. I just wish to live among people with the same values, manners and characteristics that the many of my former English, countrymen and women have! However, your immigration and asylum policies are pushing the chances of that happening out of reach for large chunks of the indigenous population, there could be a political back-lash as a consequence. Then it will be no good saying you was ill-informed or the British have turned racist overnight because both will be untrue.

Wow. Nice one Steve.

Absolutly incredible,Steve for Home Secretary??

My parents have always said the same thing ' no politician of any party has ever asked the ELECTORATE wether they want or need bloody Mass immigration,' but tony BLIAR has got to get NU- labour voters from somewhere.

Tim - Any chance of putting Steve's post on your front page? I think a lot of your readers (including me) are going to agree with the sentiments expressed.

Hi Tim found it at last, As David said in comments section any chance of putting it on your front page until the election is over? It may get some publicity and turn traditional labour voters against them, the ones who vote for labour just because the parents did! There are many out there who I know still don't read into politics and think that labour represents the working classes of the UK, when most of the indigenous people of Britain no that not to be the case. All the best Steve (fingers crossed that Smirking Blair is sent packing.)

Steve, would you mind terribly if I posted your piece on my blog? It deserves the exposure, and I'd quite like to be one of those who put it up for all to see and be educated by. But I want your permission first. Would that be ok?

Hi there, I don’t want to address you as a dumb Brit, but I see your point in using that name. I don’t think we the powerless ones are dumb we have just been to frighten to speak out for too long, plus we have no political voice! It’s a case of the three wise monkeys with our political leaders, See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil equals No evil!!!

No problem though, I don’t mind you putting it up on your blog. There are so many out there in government with lofty ideals for everyone else. But who would never envisage living in a society that I have described! You only have to look at where they send their children to school, where they live, and their non use of MRSA national heath hospitals!

Its time for us indigenous Brits to resists a life style that others think we should have and endure. Not violence though, but a political way and resist every-day so-called Political correctness and positive discrimination against us, enough is enough. The net is an ideal format for showing that there are many who feel the same about the way our country has gone since the end of 1945.

Here is a link to a site that someone tried to produce a small book on English patriotism, no publishers would touch it with a barge pole! The Book had a banned world in its title ‘Patriotism’ but by word of month and the use of the net it becoming a best seller!


Lol. Thanks, I'll post that now, then.

As to the name, it's not meant to be taken seriously, but a tongue-in-cheek name. Also, then, if I do say anything dumb, my readers were warned. :-)

apparently 30% of the population havent decided how they would vote.

Are they more or less likely to vote Labour?

Having a bit of a flutter could be interesting

Hi There,
It probably would be worth a bet if the odds are good to back Labour. That way if Tony Bliar gets in you get something out of a sickening result. If they loose and Howard gets in you’ll forget about the money you lost because your be too busy getting drunk on alcohol or euphoria at the joy of wiping the grin of that Toad’s face! And if the Liberals get in, where the cyanide? LOL

PS as to how the 30% will vote it’s anyone’s guess. I don’t think they has been a more secretive electorate, the posters and flyers that the public use to put up in their homes are missing. Only the diehards around here do it Even I no-longer show the basteds which way you’re voting, we are so pissed off with all of them, keep them guessing.

Part 2 A Nation of Ostriches

Sixty Years Ago and Today!

The greatest nation on earth? Yes the British! The word ‘Great’ covers a wide range of adjectives. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the British are the most generous and magnanimous people in the world. Sure there were mistakes made during the days of Empire, but the benefits to the world that this small island has given far outweigh any wrongs. Britain has brought to many parts of the globe, Democracy, Humanity, Medicine and Law say nothing of Inventions we have given to the world.

The workshop of the world through the Industrial Revolution gave Britain global recognition. Maritime power with the help of the Royal Navy on the oceans of the world opened up trade routes for her. While on land Britain’s armies’ conquered territories with the aid of rifle and the cricket bat!

However, there are those who will not be happy until the British and especially the English exist no more! Where do these people and the malignant views come from? Do they come from some former colony that suffered some injustices and now bent on revenge? For the moment lets get back to suffering of the indigenous it has never been sweetness and light for those of the lowest social order here, ie the ‘Working Classes’. No we have suffered too and were ridden rough shot over by the ruling classes in their quest for Empire and Commerce. Dickens did not write Oliver Twist for nothing and weren’t street urchins were used a chimney brushes!

But we forgave them didn’t we? We got the vote, we had factory laws implemented, and we got the Labour party! Churchill was right sixty-five years ago, withstanding the battle of Britain and the blitz was our finest hours. However, working classes never trusted him he was a Tory, but he was astute on the political front and had guts at our gravest hour, he was not for nothing recently voted our greatest Briton! So does it now come to us as a great shock that the greatest nemesis that this country has ever faced since Hitler and his Luftwaffe tried to bomb us into oblivion, is in fact one Tony Blair and the New Labour Party.

The recently retired London police commissionaire has stated there is two hundred plus Muslim terrorists walking our streets! A few weeks back national papers showed illegal asylum seekers being set free from the back of a lorry. Why? Because it was a Friday afternoon and no one was around from immigration dept to deal with them!!! Shush don’t tell Dustbin Lardin and his cohorts that the UK is best sneaked into on a Friday afternoon!! Why aren’t these people unturned until the state emergency is over, because that is what we have but it has not been declared!! Britain today is full of foreigners, I don’t know if my neighbours are a danger to me. On top of this Drugs and murder is rife and commonplace, more murders are committed now than at any time since Robert Peel introduce the Police Force. Where I live in North London there was another fatal shooting yesterday. Over the past few months there have been several murders during burglaries.
Rats are now being seen as common place because people who do not have the same values as you and I are plonked down beside us. This as far as I’m concern is backstabbing effort by the left wing intelligentsia to clear areas of people they once purported to represent. (Ethnic cleansing is OK against white indigenous populace) The basteds who rule us will all bugger off to Tuscany and France when they have done they dirty work!) We need a knew political party, what about the (CTBS.) Cut the Bull-Shit Party.

There were just one or two murders in this London borough during the greatest threat to its survival 1939-1945. And out of those two or three murders in one year one was a domestic, another an abortion gone wrong, and a robbery of an off license!!

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s we were still innocent and beautiful naÔve by today’s standards. Still pot-less in most in cases and struggling were our parents still trying to make ends meet. This was after our parents came through the biggest threat to mankind and the world since the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Short trousers, black and white tv, cap guns three wheel bikes, jiggers (home made carts out of planks and prams wheels) arses hanging out of some trousers still, not through choice like the black gang members of today (no bare feet though) toffee apples, and the rag and bone man and knock-down ginger and pianos in the front rooms are light years away from the proudest most noble people and country in the world that I once knew.

The following is from my diary dated March 8th 2002.

It is to give your surfers especially those that live in the leafy small towns, villages and hamlets what is headed their way! It may not be tomorrow but it will be a tomorrow in the future that will come for your children or theirs, if Governments don’t get a hold on crime and unrelenting mass immigration. Those in government say it is good to have immigration, its not if you’re a manual, semi-skill or even skilled worker. Masses of new bodies to these shores means competition for British workers and low slave wages they bring of a non-subsistence level. Even the office workers are now being affected! In call centers they are loosing out to those from abroad without them setting foot in the country, who answers your enquiries about your bank account? (Indians in Bombay and Delhi)

Lets have more solicitors from abroad then watch the rules change to stop them operating here. Even better lets have a clause to say that Lawyers, solicitors, barristers, anyone from the bar cannot be a future PM. Why? Because these fockers live in a fantasy world not inhabited by the rest of us!

With their glib spill they always seem to think they are the one who have a divine right to rule us. Lets give ordinary men and women the chance to fuck the country says the cynic.

When is this Labour Government going to get grips with the epidemic crime wave that is sweeping our cities? This is not just my question it is a question on the lips of most sane people in this country, especially the elderly! My job involves contact with our senior citizens, who are disgusted with the inactivity in the prevention of serious crime. Many of our senior citizens who are unfortunate enough to live in our over crowded urban areas feel betrayed by not only this government’s inept policies to tackle crime, but also the previous 18 years of conservative administration!

The generation who fought to stop this island from being a Nazis slave colony, did not sacrifice their youth and their loved ones for a society that fails to protect a quality of life that any decent civilized society of the 21st century expects! Many questions are asked but none are answered through fears of a political correct stigmatisation! Many of the (forgotten) war generation to which the people of this country owe so much to, cannot even begin to fathom why our once our (not) perfect society has fallen so far from the genteel and relatively peaceful land that it once was!

Today, in the street where I live four black youths attacked a white school boy because he caught their eye! I phoned for an ambulance and the police because he was hit around the head with a brick. He was bleeding from the cut to his head that required 18 stitches, an attacked that on the surface seemed to be for no other reason than the fact he was ‘White’! Never the less this will no doubt not be reported as a race crime but some youths squabble! The 999 call I placed to the emergency service took over five minutes to answer before I could give details! This is completely unacceptable delay in time, (imagine phoning for help if someone was trying to break into your home!) The tape voice kept saying there was a high demand, I think in the end the operator put me through to the local police station.

We hear much news in the media of white on black attacks like the terrible tragic case of Stephen Lawrence, but the true figures of black on black violent crime and black on white seem to indicate contradictions in media reporting! The questions not being answered are why are there so many violent street crimes of being committed by Afro Caribbean youths and Yardie style gangsters. Many people are asking at street level if the high percentage of attacks on a white population by an increasing ethnic minority in the country (but increasing in our cities) is not racist! Many also think that if left unchecked this country will go down the road toward a race war! The British people by nature are a tolerant fair minded on the whole, but are they being pushed too far in the pursuit towards the multicultural ideology of the left?

In day to day contact with ordinary working class parents and grandparents there is a feeling of a government bias against the indigenous working class people! They want to know why their children who can’t afford the high house prices of Britain today on working class wages, are bypassed by the councils and housing associations in preference of foreigners! I live in a private house with a mortgage, next door the Greek couple who have just split up, decided to keep their former matrimonial home for the sake an investment. They have gone their own way with different partners but their home is too good an opportunity to give up! The asylum seekers moved in on November 6th 2001 they came into the country on October 12th 2001! Not bad going is it! Anyway I know this for a fact I filled the forms in for a local primary school. I suggested they try to learn English as soon as possible, life would be easier for them.

I have nothing personally against them, they said they were from Iran. But spoke fluent German. I found out later they were in Germany for 20 years! But it is a bit much when you see your own kids struggling and living in private accommodation with no chance of getting a home from the council! Two generations of my male ancestors in two world wars have me believe that Britain cares nothing for its own people who are finding it tough.

This English state that I live in, cares more about the social conditions of those from abroad! Why are we so different from say, the French who care very much for preserving their own culture and putting the French people first every time? As for law breaking on a non-violent scale, how many foreigners are driving in Britain with no insurance, road tax, and UK driving license? My wife recently turned of the ignition of a car that a seven-year-old boy was instructed, to reeve up while she was getting petrol in the garage forecourt. The look from the father as he quickly roared off into the night air, left my wife wondering she was at fault! After all some of these children from many countries in the world now entering Britain have learnt to handle guns at this age! The fact that he could have knocked the gear stick and killed someone was totally lost on the father!

Also there is the facts that our national health services are at breaking point in some areas, because of the onslaught demand from those who never put in, either economically or through personal sacrifices! There is also no discussion in the media for what the academics, term ‘White Flight’ from our cities! They are not all leaving (fleeing) the cities for the fresh air and green fields! What is driving them out of cities that the Luffwaffe, the blitz and Hitler’s terror weapons could not make them leave! We cannot continually blame single parent families and social depravation that some would have us believe.

Whole generations of Britons were bought up in single parent families, i.e. by widowed mothers because of the war! They did not all take to violent crime, I know because I’m one of them from a working class estate whose father died young because of the war! If were not careful we end up with complete anarchy on our streets and people will be arming themselves with more than the coshes and knives that I know many keep under their beds! The white flight is ringing true to many, I know of several who have the means to leave London and are doing so because they were victims of the so-called muggings or from fear of crime. (I don’t think I will be long in joining them!) Message to our government forget sending troops to police the city of Kabul we need them here now! Also encourage the black population to join the thin blue line!

The bottom line is when the average person is attacked by someone of a different race, the psychological bent is such that in the average person, the victim will display racial prejudices to the race of the assailants in the their future dealing with them! This may not be fair but its human (or working class) nature anyway. This can also work both ways, those not affected are usually of a very liberal mind and try to shrug it of with, ‘Oh it was just bad luck!’ However given time and being a victim several times over, will wane even the best humanity in the world! The fact is violence of these crimes is doing nothing good for racial harmony.

I have just heard a story about a young fellow being held up in his car at gun point by young a black man, he has not bothered to report it such is the state of apathy and confidence in our society. But this is not something we should being getting use to, it paves a way for a dark road for society that does not care! One way of righting the wrongs of our society is a halt of all immigration under the guise of all means now used to enter this very open bordered country. We should use an American style system of visa and a sworn allegiance. At the moment we are in an absurd position in allowing potential terrorists in who have a common shared quest of an Islamic state!

WE could be facing a silver haired revolution if the government does not get its act together! The OAPs have a lot of power in their combined votes!

That’s all for now folks, but if Tony and his cronies get back in I might as well start looking for that uninhabited island in the Pacific, the one the British soldiers lived on for 63 years from my part 1 analogy ‘A Nation of Ostriches’

I must have tempted fate yesterday commenting on our banking services abroad! I have tried several times this morning to get through to HSBC to cancel an insurance debit. Each time I’ve been told there is a problem with soft ware and they can’t get into to the system. It’s lovely when you have to phone a call centre half way around the world in India to speak to someone about your bank account. What happened to the time you could pick up the phone and speak to someone at your own branch!

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