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Booed or Boomed?

EducationGuardian.co.uk | Schools special reports | Blair gets 'boomed' by pupils

Reports that the prime minister was booed were, apparently, inaccurate. Rather, a few pupils shouted out "boom" from the back of the hall.
After the initial embarrassment, some pupils were shuffled in front of journalists to explain that this meant they were happy to see the politicians, and not showing any disrespect.
The school's headteacher, Gary Phillips, backed up that interpretation, telling reporters: "Different cultures celebrate in different ways."
But some confusion remained. Other students told journalists that they had indeed booed the prime minister. ..

And Mr Phillips courted controversy by endorsing a Labour victory at the May 5 poll.

"I believe much of what we have done at Lilian Baylis has been made possible by the policy of this government. I believe the commitment of the prime minister and the government to schools like ours has been outstanding.

"Just as we have more to do at Lilian Baylis, so this government has more to do, and I personally hope they are elected to do it."

Mr Phillips acknowledged that he was not supposed to be "overtly political" on such occasions, but insisted he had a "unique insight" into the differences between the two main political parties and the politicians who led them.

Mr Phillips, you are telling porkies, you Blairite lapdog. What I object to is the dragging of a few kids in to tell those porkies for you. "Simpkins, did you Boo the Prime Minister?" "Oh, No Sir"....

Listen for your self.
BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Weblog | Boos? You decide


Now you see why a free school choice system is so important.

Not the coercion funded adolescent creche's we have at the moment
Not vouchers (although slightly better).
Education Loans to be paid back by parents when children leave education is by FAR the best way to fund education.

They are coercion neutral.
Allow parental choice.
Will stimulate demand for quality (if you have to pay for something you tend to care much more about value for money).
Will help cut tax and thus increase economic growth.
Provide school competition.
Put home-schoolers on an even footing.
Don't punish the child-free.
Encourage parents to plan for their children rather than rely on handouts.

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