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Scottish Labour Lie - now corrected.

scottishlabour.org.uk -What has Labour done for me

Scottish Labour has ensured no full-time undergraduate student has to pay up-front tuition fees in Scotland.

CEP Blog points out:

English students studying at Scottish universities currently pay upfront tuition fees of 3,600 for a four-year degree course while Scots pay a 2,000 endowment after they graduate.

And Gareth continues : Please, if you have any spare time tomorrow, do phone Scottish Labour on 0141 572 6900 and complain about this. It's great fun, you'll enjoy it. And let me know if they use the term 'Reflective of Devolution' - I have the feeling that a memo has been passed around their office.

I have just done it and spoken to a charming young lady who tells me it is an old page that shouldn't be on the website - the link from the front page now goes to http://www.scottishlabour.org.uk/holyrood/ which has corrected it.."Scottish Labour has ensured no Scottish domicile full-time undergraduate student has to pay up-front tuition fees in Scotland."


"no Scottish domicile full-time undergraduate student": is this semi-literacy some sort of boast about the effectiveness of Labour education policy?

And the lie has now been removed from the website totally.


Fortunately I took screenshots.

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