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Missing - One elephant

perfect.co.uk provides a rundown of tonights Question Time of the three leaders. The BBC's choice of questions was bizarre.
On Howard about half the time was devoted to immigration. Of course he should be questioned on it, but is it really the most important Tory policy or is it the one that it is easy to get a few impassioned questioners on?
Blair, vast amount of time on todays news re the Attorney Generals advice - Good to make him sweat a bit, but it is wonk territory. The only glimmer of real issues was accidentally the massaging of Doctor appointment waiting times to meet targets rather than patient need came up. It was a real surprise to Blair, who like the Queen believes all hospitals smell of new paint.

And of course not a mention of Europe, reaction to "global warming", ID cards, the real threat of terrorism, rural disquiet, rationalisation of England, West Lothian question, nuclear power - to name some issues off the top of my head that are worth debating....


Is immigration the major Tory policy? No. But it's what Howard chose to blather on about in an increasingly racist manner for over two weeks, so he's only reaping what he's sowing.

It would be good to have a series of these debates, say one a week over a period of a month leading up to the election. They would be able to cover more issues.

I also have to say that I agree with Blair that this format is better. The public get to choose the questions. Imagine having to endure only what the candidates choose to drone on about (which is what the US candidates generally get to do). Also the audience asked smarter questions over a range of issues than Paxman (or, as another comparison, than what the US questioners do).

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