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Election - what election?

BBC News | Front pages from 30 April 2005

The Sun - I normally defend the Sun against the slings and arrows of middle class perceptions but sometimes even I despair? It is almost as though a message from on high " don't rock the boat" has been received.


The Telegraph’s front page isn’t much better - “Anne Robinson - The Servant Problem: My Advice To The Beckhams” plastered across the top, plus a huge picture of Wayne Rooney’s girlfriend. The paper gets worse by the day.

Rupert Murdoch (a foreigner) ordered The Sun to back Tony Blair.

The Staff at the Sun obey like a schoolboy being forced to drop his trousers for the council tackle inspector.

ps, re the polls... does anyone remember 9 out of 10 said their cats preferred it"? Of course, Kitty Cat never had 90% of the market and the slogan had to be changed to "9 out of 10 owners (who expressed a preference)".

I hear 30% of poll respondees havent given their opinion

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