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The Sparky warning

Down in the comments of this post An Englishman's Castle: The Saloon Bar we have been favoured by a long article from The Sparky about living in "multicultural" London.

A Nation of Ostriches!


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And that means...what?

No doubt some people will fume at this, but it's my perception of the meaning of English - it is a culture of refuge for those who are unhappy with the rate of change of "Britishness" and either want something a bit less racy, or lack the economic or social resources to absorb change. The most visible sign of rapid change in society is the prevalence of people of colour and the frequency of different languages heard on the street. Thus, those who actively adopt the moniker of "English" are those who define themselves in terms of what they are not - they are not coloured, they don't talk gibberish, they are not foreign.

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