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Sir Digby tells the teachers

Telegraph | News | Schools 'wrap children in cotton wool'

Schools are wrapping children in cotton wool rather than encouraging them to take risks, Sir Digby Jones, the director general of the Confederation of British Industry, said yesterday.

"Unless you educate children about risk, get them to understand it, get them to embrace it, then we will fail as a nation and fall behind our economic rivals," he said. "China will have our lunch and India will have our dinner."
Sir Digby told head teachers meeting in Telford, Shropshire, that he was alarmed some schools did not hold sports days or, when they did, made sure there were no winners or losers.
"I want sports days," he added. "I want medals for first, second and third, not for everyone who takes part. I want exams that you can fail. But we must reach down to those who do not come first, second or third and give them the confidence to find out what they are good at."

Now that is the sort of thing we should be politicising about - not the blather that the Parties have been on about over the weekend.


Would it be needlessly unkind to suggest that Sir Digby doesn't look like the sort of chap who might come first, second or third in a race?

cause hes a fatass

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