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I hope the bunny huggers are happy

Telegraph | News | Hunt ban 'has caused rise in fox suffering'

The ban on hunting with hounds has increased the suffering of foxes as more are shot and wounded, according to research published this month.

The study, which appears in the May issue of Animal Welfare, the journal of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, undermines claims by the RSPCA and League Against Cruel Sports that hunting, until it was banned, caused more suffering than shooting.
The study showed that up to 50 per cent of foxes shot with shotguns were wounded, not killed.

"The ban has guaranteed that the time and money invested by the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA has increased animal suffering. We told them this would happen. This is the cost of ignoring that warning."

I have had to dispatch two foxes suffering from gangrenous gunshot wounds, one with tyre lever as it was all I had to hand. It is not a nice way to go.
It never was about the fox - bastards.


Bunny Huggers? They're Fox Torturers aren't they?

Some photos of gangrenous foxes might concentrate minds.

I agree with you totally. The League against Cool Shorts would only ever show you a video of a fox being killed slowly by hounds. How about the other 99% of the times when they're shot or killed outright within 1 or 2 seconds - minimum amount of suffering and a guaranteed death? This has always been a class war, something that is plainly obvious as it took a socialist government to force it through.

I'm not upper class, not even middle class but I was brought up in the country and you kind of get a feel for these things. Most people on fox hunts were just normal, everyday people but these tree hugging jobless gippo's just couldn't see past their bright clean clothes and just assume that they're all lords and ladies out for a bit of fun.

When we start seeing half dead, diseased, rabid foxes on town and city streets maybe they'll do something about it.

Just an excuse for banning shooting next I fear.

Totally agree with what's been said particularly Mark's comment - when Tony B's back in no10 look out all if you use anything more than a kids catapult

SNP have already started a campaign to ban airguns.

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