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Camera Protest.

M4 Protest

This is it - today's the day.

Telegraph | Motoring | How speed generates heat

This morning, at 10am, a group of drivers will cause a rolling roadblock of the M4 motorway by driving at a steady 56mph between Membury Services near Hungerford and Junction 17, for Chippenham. "We don't want to hold people up, or become a safety risk, we just want to get our point over," says protest organiser Robin Summerhill.
And that point is? The decision by Wiltshire and Swindon Safety Camera Partnership to place mobile speed-camera vans along the motorway....

It (is) claimed that some 12 million motorists have been caught by speed cameras since their introduction in 1992, raising 700 million in speeding fines. It (is) also suggested that these 12 million fined motorists will make a powerful voting block in the forthcoming general election.

Maybe in the next one....


Speeding fines are a voluntary tax, like lottery tickets.

I don't pay either.

It really isn't hard. Don't these people KNOW the motorway limit is 70? Aren't other limits quite prominently signposted? What exactly is their gripe?

No I think it is an arbitary Tax - I would have few problems with a tax on everyone who drives at 80 - we could do the cost/benefit analysis then - but to fine some people when the defacto speed on the M4 is safely 80 is capricious and leads to resentment.

It doesn't matter that the safe speed is 80 (On which point, btw, I completely agree): The legal speed is 70. If you exceed that, you're committing an offence. It's not exactly a secret. If I drove at 80, and got a ticket, my response would be "fair enough". Why do people find this so difficult? Watch your instruments, stay within the law, pay no fines. It's voluntary.

It is true that the enforcement is capricious, arbitrary, and mainly aimed at revenue-raising, but that's another discussion.

I guess it's hard to out-run the cops when you're on an island - it's easier on a motorcycle though, especially one that can go off-road.
I drive 70-75 most of the time - our speed-limit's generally 65, and some retards are out there doing 55. On the way to go dirtbike riding up to Idaho I kept the truck up around 80-85-90, especially across Nevada.

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