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So how was it for you darling? You call THAT an Election!

Open Comment Thread to get us through Election day...
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According to the nice officer that arrived at Free Market Towers this morning, I have voted 34 times for the Communist Jihad Save the Gay Whales Stop Emissions from Cows Party.

Who says that there are any problems with our postal voting system !

So that where all my postal votes went to. I and the other 20 members of my ethnic family living in the shed at the bottom of the garden will lodge a complaint

I was surprised to find the Beeb had already started putting up results more than a day early, and concerned that they might be swizzling me out of 40 for assisting to count votes.

You can read more at my blog entry here:


For the second election running I am going to spoil the ballot and this time that choice is even more clear cut. I wish the parties would realise that democracy is more than putting an X in a box every 4 or so years.

There used to be a joke about the Russian burglar who broke into the
Kremlin and stole next year's election results.......

Don't Vote, It Only Encourages Them!

What's all this fuss about postal ballots about anyway. I applied for an overseas postal ballot and the buggers still haven't managed to get it to me despite the fact I clearly stated that I, my three wives and fifteen piccaninies were considering becoming asylum seekers.


Going 'postal', now takes on a whole new meaning

There was a bloke in front of me in the queue arguing about MI5 having access to some database or some such oddness.

Weirdest election experience I've yet had.

With a majority of about 66 Blair is going to be ever more reliant upon Scottish MPs to push through votes on English only matters such as the NHS or Education. Maybe, just maybe, the English electorate are going to wake up to the electoral injustice which is being perpetrated upon them. And maybe we might finally get some change to the present system which disadvantages the English voter.

David H

Fat chance unfortunately.

Scottish independence now! They could form their socialist utopia and, due to their falling population, take the strain off England with a million or so migrants.

Oh what a dream that would be.

Does Labour actually have a majority in England?

"Does Labour actually have a majority in England?"

I wondered about that one as well and it appears unfortunately that they do. They currently have 284 seats in England (and 70 in Scotland and Wales) compared to 241 for the Conservatives, Lib-Dems and that bloke with the sun tan.

Hooray for Tony Blair! To be honest, I didn't keep up with this at all. I have no idea if there was a better candidate. I voted for Pres Bush both times, but next time I'll do what you did...sell my vote to the highest bidder.

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