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Veggie News

Telegraph | Money | Eating Quorn can damage your health, says US protest group

A US lobby group has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Quorn, claiming the meat alternative is not "healthy and delicious" as the makers contend, but can in fact cause life threatening allergies.

Just the idea of it makes me nauseous - can I sue?

And this is what happens if you turn veggie...

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Killer dino 'turned vegetarian'

The "mass graveyard" of a bird-like dinosaur has been uncovered in Utah, US, Nature magazine reports this week.
Scientists believe the previously unknown species was in the process of converting to vegetarianism from a rather more bloodthirsty diet.

You end up extinct!


Quorn is truly horrible stuff, regardless of your voreous preference. Quorn and hippies are the reasons why I hate vegetarian'ism'. Making a movement out of not eating meat is just . I don't eat meat, but I don't have to make any political justification out of it. Thanks to the free market, I can eat (or not eat) whatever I damn like.

Quorn's okay - I cook it occasionally for veggie friends and relatives. The stuff can be prepared to have some small degree of meaty tastiness.

But what pisses me off is the CSPI, the health fascists bringing the lawsuit. They attack quorn - a decent safe product made in North Yorkshire (my neck of the woods)- for one reason: it's competition for the CSPI's own range of approved veggie products. The CSPI are a bunch of deranged food nazis that should be hunted down and shot as they are a threat the free world. Bastards.

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