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A considered opinion

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Tony Blair

The voice of the annoyed - not work safe, contains very rude words....

Tony Blair

Fucked the country over a barrel, sent us into an unsupported war, removed democracy from the great democratic nation of England and is about as conservative as they come without being a tory, yet somehow the public failed to notice that he was leading Labour!


Tony Blair He's a lying, conniving, war-mongering, minger shagging, despotic, Dubya poodle, fenian, toadying, piss cock wanker of a cheese dicked cunt. And if you think you're getting my vote, ya cunt, you more of a cunt than I think you are. Oh no you can't be! Cunt.


1. For being the second most arrogant bastard on the planet (apart from Bush)
2. For taking us into a war that had nothing to do with us.
3. For swamping the country with illegal immigrants and for just hating England in general, you Chianti swilling cunt.
4. For wrecking the pensions system; my husband and I now look forward to poverty in our old age thanks to you - I'd like to knife you in the gut and then cut your non-existent bollocks off.
5. For trying to railroad us into Europe - if you like it so much then please fuck off there and never come back again; you can't even decide what religion you want to be so how can you decide on the future of our country you jug eared loon.
6. For not being dead yet - I wouldn't bother to piss on your grave!


I never thought I would jump to Mr Blairís defence but I feel I must defend him on such a grossly unwarranted libellous attack.
He may be all those things mention above in fact I am sure he is but on the subject of his ears I must disagree, they may be large but they are most certainly not jug like.

Just putting the record straight

I hate the guy never has a country been so let down by a leader he is just so against the ordinary hard working english people. I, and I am sure many others are fed up of living in this horribly political correct soceity where even the slighest thing is deemed as "racist" or to "offend". I am also fed up of having to suppress my views in this so called democratic society. I cant think of a worse prime minister especially one that allows fanitical muslims to preach hatred for so long on Britains streets and then when we need protecting does nothing to defend the police when they shoot a suspected terrorist and why not? because the man has no balls. And after two terms of left wing crap- e.g trying to ban christmas in a christian country amongst other things the weak public vote him in again. Its beggars beleif and the sooner we get rid of him the better, we need a leader who will act not pussyfoot around and have some silly wife saying "terrorists have rights to" lets get rid of Labour and Blair as soon as possible for the future of the Britain we know and once defended depends on it.

Parliament has become one of the oldest sales cons of all time, it's the "alternative close" give the people a choice of three ineffective "old school serving" political parties and call it democracy. Time for "None of the Above" to become a voting choice, the majority are pissed off with "our" minority serving ineffective politicians. No wonder the Iraqis are fighting to the death to get rid of western values! The only lesson from history is that the priviliged in charge will do nothing for the people unless they are forced. Sorn your car, chuck away the licence plates and stop paying tax until you get proper representation.This world listens to money and bullets only and is a poorer place for it.

Blair's bad, but the mindless proles who support Labour and vote him in are just as bad. Us Tory voters could see before what would happen and we had to listen to retard Labourites telling us "he'll be great, we need a change from the Tories". Well Labourites, not only should you not vote, but you should not breed either. You're only passing fuckwitism onto your offspring.

blair is a big smelly stinking cancer, cunts are usefull. blair is a turd.

blair is a big smelly stinking cancer, cunts are usefull. blair is a turd.

Blair is corrupt, self interest is all he serves.
Blair is egomaniac, no apologies, never asks the opinoin of others.
Blair is a coward, see him lick bushes's arse at G8.
Blair fuck you for dismantelling Britain, for the goodwill that has turned to despair, for the deaths you have caused.

Only just found this website. Haven't got much time, got to go to work and do overtime to pay my fucking bills,which as you know, have gone through the roof since Tony and his cronys have been in power. I'm paying more tax than I've ever done in the 30 years I've been grafting and being shafted for my efforts. Tony is more of a danger to us than the fucking Muslim terrorists.

Na, na. You've all got it wrong. Look at Blair's eyes..no look right at them. Do you see? He is satanic. Jeez it's Damian and he is the anti-Christ. Wot has to happen is he muct be taken to the alter of a church (you can give a choice, he seems to like pissing about in them) and then plunge special daggers into him in the shape of the Cross. Then and only then would the world get back to normal..er or would it? Na, Thatcher the the Witch Queen of Dulwich would have to go too and as she gets it, stuff her wide gob with your gas bills and say, "Tell that to Sid ya banshee fucker and enjoy Hell with your love-child Tony"

I hope Tony shit arse Blair burns in hell being shafted by Bush the way that he shafted us. fucking tossing power mad maniac self centered lying deceiving dumb ass fuck wit shit hole.

Assasinate the cunt...

Tony Blair is nothing but a puppet for the House Of Windsor and behind ALL the shenanigans is Prince Philip Mountbatten who is nothing more than a Fascist Freemason.

Blair is a mentally ill twat who follows the agenda of Big Business and the Establishment.

Watch what happens to Britain throughout 2007 and 2008, as it is ALL engineered and people will sit and do fuck all to stop it as usual.

It is the House Of Saxe Coburg Gotha who have fucked Britain up and brought massive immigration in after the Second World War ended in 1945 because they were frightened of a 'national backlash' in the form of a revolution disposing them from power.

Those Nazi Hanoverian Windsors ordered MI6 and the DGSE in France to assassinate Princess Diana Spencer and Dodi Al-Fayed and did so because she was the last female in the House Of Stuart Blood Line who rightly should be the Crown in Britain and NOT those Nazi White Nationalist Windsors and their corrupt and poisoned deceptions.


Blair is a putrid turd, agreed but you shouldn't be too hard on him. He's an ex-public schoolboy and they tend to develop strange crushes on older boys, and that is what nancy Blair has done with Bush, I'm sure Blair would have loved to have been his fag - he could have licked his loo seat clean and provided all sorts of personal services for him. You can see him as Marilyn Monroe seranading Bush on his birthday ("Happy birthday, Mr President). Blair uses much the same shade of lipstick.

But look at the halfwitted cunts Blair has around him - have you seen terminal perm woman Hazel Blears? The stupid old cunt is forever grinning like she is not all there. 4ft 8 inches of pure shit.

Hey, just remember that for all the swagger Blair has and his influence as a world class politician...he still wakes up with that butt ugly bitch every morning...there is some justice in life ?

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