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Vote Yes or the Jews Get It

Telegraph | News | Vote for EU constitution or risk new Holocaust, says Brussels

Vote for EU constitution or risk new Holocaust, says Brussels

Margot Wallstrom, a Swede and the commissioner who must sell the draft constitution to voters,.. (accused) Eurosceptics of risking a return to the Holocaust by clinging to "nationalistic pride"....blamed the Second World War on "nationalistic pride and greed, and international rivalry for wealth and power". The EU had replaced such rivalry with an historic agreement to share national sovereignty.

Her fellow commissioners also issued a joint declaration, stating that EU citizens should pay tribute to the dead of the Second World War by voting Yes to the draft constitution for Europe.

The commissioners also gave the EU sole credit for ending the Cold War, making no mention of the role of Nato and the United States.

From Sweden? "Sweden was Nazi Germany's largest trading partner during the war and almost the sole source of high-grade iron ore and precision ball bearings for the German war machine. Imports of the latter from Sweden were especially important following the destruction of the VKF ball bearing plant (itself Swedish-owned) at Schweinfurt by the US Eighth Air Force in August and October 1943..."

TEBAF (The Ever Blessed and Fragrant) Magot uses VE day to make a cheap political point - may she rot.

Why don't they ever warn of the risk of a new Yugoslavia? - you know, a group of nations forced together into a federation against their will which then explodes...


Britain has nothing to learn from Europe about the Holocaust or Fascism.


Funny thing:
1) Hitler was Austrian not German
2) Napolean was Corsican not French
3) Stalin was Georgian not Russian

Blair is Scottish not English

Beware the Antichrist who comes as a cuckoo in the nest

I can well imagine how working more than 48 hours per week, a North Sea well stocked with fish, or uncontrolled use of lead in solder might drive a person towards Nazism. We are lucky that such benevolent people look after us and set up the rules to stop this happening.

Your headline--simply outstanding!

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