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60 Years Ago

The war in Europe was over, and yet for many Allied PoWs their suffering was only just starting to come to an end. In December 1944, some 270,000 American, British, and Commonwealth prisoners were sent on the road so they wouldn't be liberated by the advancing Russians. One in ten died. After the war their horrors were dwarfed by the Japanese atrocities and the image of PoWs in Germany was set by the "Escape" films. My father was one of those PoWs and only ever spoke briefly of it so I can recommend this book as an excellent eye-opening account.

Amazon.com: Books: The Last Escape: The Untold Story of Allied Prisoners of War in Europe, 1944-1945

Nichol (himself a PoW during the first Gulf War) and Rennell have dug out the stories of these men, who were marched for hundreds of miles through one of the worst winters Germany has ever experienced--half frozen, generally unfed, racked with dysentery, and apt at any moment to be shot by a German guard or strafed by Allied aircraft who had no idea who they were. Afterwards, their ordeal was forgotten by all but themselves. An excellent account of an unknown atrocity, which left thousands dead and other thousands crippled for life.


Hi everyone....

I am not sure if you know but we have a Victory Day here in Moscow...pretty ambigious celebration. Russians lost 37 millions of people... OFFICIALLy in the World War II. Below you find words that had been written by the British solder attending the Iraqe war....the war led not in 1941 but in 2003...Few days ago I was dining out with one my mate, a French mathematician, and he was so vigorously politician about European Community, Americans, East, West...He hadn't get me when I said that ethinicity is a mask and all people suffering the same way everywhere...so....the geography doesn't really matter. For now, when ther are so many of us humans on the Earth....it doesn't matter where Americans are 'higly cultural and not agressive', English are not that 'arrogant', French are not so narcissistic and unreliable....what is matter - cooperation to guarantee a peace and development....At least three generations of my ancestry infamously suffered from regims full of irrational animal judjement of personhood. 37 millions of Russions, mostly men were killed...37 millions - below the story of a one British solder. 37 millions....at least one person suffered from that death...74 millions people were suffering....wars..victories....are unacceptible....I do hope never see anything related to a war....because I just wodn't understant who the enemy would be...I would dye if I need to choose between humans who are just of different ethnicity....and temporalily of different nationality...I wouldn't be able to make a choice. God, faith or whatever save me from that.

I followed the link to Amazon and (I'm afraid) couldn't help laughing when I saw the sponsored links below the reviews:

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The poor old POWs had plenty of opportunities to see Germany and learn German at any speed they liked.

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