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BBC to start being impartial..

BBC NEWS | Politics | BBC unveils EU coverage changes

BBC coverage of the European Union must be made more sophisticated, the corporation's news division has said.
The BBC was responding to an independent inquiry which said its reporting of the EU must become "more demonstrably impartial".

...It found no evidence of deliberate bias in BBC reporting but it said there was a "widespread perception" of "certain forms of cultural and unintentional bias" which had to be corrected. ....The response also says there will be a new system to measure the impact BBC journalism has on its audience in terms of promoting "informed citizenship" and understanding in EU issues.

So still going to promoted "informed citizenship"! Doesn't sound like it views informed non-citizenship of the EU as a desirable option to aim for....

A heard Jeremy Vine on the car radio, a day or so ago, musing as he was approaching 40 should he start thinking of himself as "European" rather than "British". Not that that implies a fixed mind set; after all a year or so ago he asked the question : ‘Should Britain Leave the EU’, 13,500 listeners phoned in and of that number, a colossal 92 per cent said ‘YES’.


Should Jeremy vine not resing and join the Europeon Broadcasting Corporation?

Jeremy seems to be putting it wrongly, he could think of himself as "European" - but his citizenry of the Union as an apparatchick, would simply make him a EUnick.

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