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Good Morning Ms Memoli!

Maria Memoli MBA who is Kennet's Monitoring Officer has kindly replied to my letter of the 28th March - An Englishman's Castle: Kennet Council and the SWRA.

As she points out she has been very busy with elections etc, which is why I haven't pushed for a reply. She also notes that the correspondence has been published on a website! (Though I haven't actually put her full reply up - only my own outgoing letters.) So I presume she will read this - pleased to have you on board.
She believes I criticised her and sounds hurt - I don't believe I did, but may I publicly apologise to her for any offence caused. Not my intention at all. I will digest her reply and post at length when I have time. A quick skim through seems to say it is up to the members to declare interests, no one checks, so as Monitoring Officer she is happy all is OK.

(Quote - "Although I am the custodian of the Register of interests, the onus is on the Members themselves to register their interests ...declaring interests, this is a matter for the Members themselves...In conclusion, therefore, I am satisfied that members of the Council have registered their interests.."

(Well if it is OK for the EU why not for Kennet Council?)


So she's just the custodian of the interests register, even though she's the council's monitoring officer. Who monitors the interests register? How can Maria Memeoli be satisfied that the inerests have been correctly registered if all she does is keep the register without investigating its contents? This sounds like the usual council ruse of giving someone a grand title (and wage) but little responsibility and no culpability if problems arise.

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