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Oxford Poly gets uppity

Blognor Regis reports:

Jeremy Clarkson has been nominated for an honorary degree by Oxford Brookes University (surely the best one in town, not that that's saying much) and the Dons don't like it.
George Roberts, a director for e-learning at Brookes, said: "The petition has received support from senior professors and administration staff alike. Clarkson's public statements could be interpreted to be at odds with many of the university's values.

"The university is committed to 'ensuring the understanding and care of people and stewardship of environmental and public resources'.

Having enjoyed three years in Cowley's Latin Quarter trying to get a Gentleman's Third from the real University I feel obliged to comment.

"the best one in town"? I nearly choked on my Breakfast Sherry at that - cheeky pup. "Dons" - you mean "Corduroy-clad, hairy-chin, tofu-wearing, nut-munching Polytechnic teachers". They may claim to be a University but they are really just a glorified Bricklayers College which keeps the yoof unemployment figures down.

It is a great shame that we now have to believe that "education" is the key to success - for most "training" is far more useful. A good honest college that proudly turns out tradesmen and craftsmen would do far more its students and the country than a jumped up third rate media studies and diversity workshop collective. Places where it is considered proper to convict the likes of Clarkson of "thoughtcrime" and want to ban him. My guess is that Clarkson and his programs promoting Brunel have done more for the commonweal than Mr e-learning Sandal-shuffler ever has.


Whilst Clarkson would not necessarily have been my first choice I do think the fuss is unncessary albeit predictable.

I think you are being a bit harsh on OB. It rates highly amongst all the universities. Your observations about academics might apply anywhere.

I've only been to Oxford once and I did feel like a fish out of water. See I bees a country boy and thems yer clever posh types..

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