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Save the Land-Rover

BBC NEWS | Business | Greenpeace in Land Rover action

A number of Greenpeace protestors have entered a UK Land Rover factory and disrupted production at the plant.
The environmental action group says 35 of its members breached security at the plant at Solihull in the West Midlands.
Greenpeace says the action is in protest at what is claims are the "climate wrecking" emissions from Range Rovers, Land Rover's premium model...
Stephen Tindale, executive director for Greenpeace in the UK and a former New Labour environment adviser, was one of the protesters who chained themselves to half-built chassis.

Mr FM, where are you? You are needed to leap to the Landies defence.
Of course I would just restart the line - "Darling, what is that rattle in the boot well? - Just a nulabour advisor who got welded into a box section - nothing to worry about...."


Englishman - lets just say that the lower meadow is now 'full' !

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