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Your Life in their hands

BBC NEWS | Health | Doctors warn over right-to-life

A judge's ruling on the rights of terminally-ill patients could put doctors in an "impossibly difficult" position, the GMC has told a court.
Leslie Burke who has a degenerative brain condition, won a landmark ruling last year to stop doctors withdrawing food and drink when he cannot speak.
Artificial nutrition is classed as a form of treatment by the GMC...
Professor Irene Higginson, who specialises in palliative care and gave evidence on behalf of the GMC in the original hearing, said there were cases where giving food and water artificially could do more harm than good.

Note the weasel words "Artificial nutrition" - this simply means feeding someone who can't feed themselves. My four year old daughter needs us to go and buy food, cook it and put it on a plate for her -is she living on "artificial nutrition"? Yes, according to these doctors.
And so if she happened to be in hospital; and it was all a bit too much trouble; they needed the bed to hit a Government target; and the Consultant had a really important meeting on a Portuguese Golf Course all week; it would be all right to just stop feeding her? Like fuck it would be!

Now I hope that if when my time is done, if I can't roll over like Sir Henry and reach the double barrelled, then a good doctor will help me out with some drugs even stronger than "GB" of the "Dear Hugh" letters is used to. But if I have said I don't want to be starved or dehydrated to death, (a nasty way to go), then I bloody well don't want to be - OK?


Hear, hear!

First, murder your babies. Then, kill the "inconvenient". Why be surprised if this is what we have to look forward to in the nuanced, cosmopolitan, inbred, and overly civilized portions of the world.

How 'bout a smallish revolution?

I do not know what is coming to this country and its professions. I have watched these developments with incredulity ever since the Bland case.

As often the central issues appear to be obfuscated aided by PC speak. I think withdrawing food and water is immoral. End of story. If the issue is about "resources" then let's have that debate. But we should not kid ourselves.

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