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What a waste!

As I pointed out a long time ago, and has been officially confirmed today - BBC NEWS "Whether parents use disposable or cloth nappies makes little difference to the environment, a report has concluded."

So why has the government had spent 2.6m promoting cloth Real Nappy Schemes through the Waste and Resources Action Programme "in the absence of any proven overall environmental benefit"?

Because the Greens won't be happy until we are back in the stone age! They don't care if the poor kids suffer red raw arses and the houses stink as long as they can feel virtuous! I think I upset one who started preaching to us about nappies when I just asked if she used "jam rags" or disposable tampons - "Oh, that is completely different!" - Oh no, it is not lady!

(Note for American readers - for Nappies read Diapers throughout - we are not talking Napkins here - which should never be disposable except at burger bars.)


I don't suppose all the electricity you'd use washing real nappies counts, either.

We got free diposable nappies for our nipper because she was in a nutrition study: when removed they were stored in a fridge they'd lent us and a chap came around every few days to take them away. We wondered how he described his occupation on the census form. Night soil collector?

Another Waste of Taxpayers money, byt the waste program!

Over here we have the same types of idiots who want us to stop using balloons for parties because they are bad for the environment, yet are pushing condoms on 13 year olds.

Go figure.

When my children were small we used disposables and put them in the fire. Since they're made from wood pulp, you're just recycling Carbon Dioxide that was fixed by the trees a few years ago.

No doubt this would break some law or other these days.

I've been told the psychodynamics of disposables lead to my addicition.


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