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Happy Holidays

BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs' bumper 80-day summer break

Please take another 280 days off as well - Europe makes the laws now anyway! - the country works much better without the constant meddling of MPs. I think five days a year would be plenty to tweak a couple of laws that need it, repeal a shed load and get dressed up for the state opening.


He there…

May I be frank – I am reading all this mostly to improve my English (yeah, I am in the beginning of it, so smile if my speech sounds clumsy to you 

But you know, all of you - YOU ARE CUTE  All of you brought a lot of smiles to my face. THANK YOU.

It’s Friday evening (something like 21:20 pm) in Moscow – getting ready to celebrate my weekend, guys.

Fortunately/unfortunately (read this as a truth about any kind of reality), I have nothing to add about your debates/discussions on Tory and Tory’s boys/girls/wives/views and approaches..though, I am enjoying. Funny, but though..i am quite sure you think of Russia as a zoo (bla-bla-bla)…you are so alike 

I am finishing to waste your time – just wishing you a lot of joy, guys.

P.S. Amazing.

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