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An everday story of urban folk

Telegraph | News | Sisters pregnant at 12, 14 and 16. So what does their mother do? She blames the school

Jemma, Jade and Natasha Williams, who receive benefits totalling more than 31,000 a year, are raising their babies alone after they became pregnant within three months of each other.

The sisters, aged 12, 14 and 16 when they gave birth, live in Derby with their twice-divorced mother, who holds the education system responsible for their plight.

"I blame the schools - sex education for young girls should be better," said Julie Atkins, 38. ...
Jemma, the youngest sister, was the first to become pregnant, giving birth to her son T-Jay in February last year. Then, in November, Natasha, 16, who had already had two miscarriages and an abortion, had Amani. The next month, Jade, 14, gave birth to daughter Lita.
The family lives rent-free in a three-bedroom council house, which they claim is too cramped. Their mother claims benefit for Jade and Jemma, now 15, as well as for their children. However, she said that day-to-day life was a struggle.

"It's really difficult to survive on what we have," she said. "My average shopping bill is 90 a week, and then there's all that extra stuff like toys, nappies and medicine.

"The house is far too small. I have to share a bedroom with Natasha and Amani which is very cramped. Hopefully we may be able to get a bigger house, but who knows?"

Of course the fathers are not expected to be there or do any supporting, you know the rest.... - one thing puzzles me - Benefits - 31,000 a year, House free, Medicines free, Schooling free etc - shopping 90 a week, say 5000 a year, why are they so hard up?


Are the fathers in prison for having sex with minors? I suspect school sex education was too focused on the theory for the girls liking!!

"I blame the schools - sex education for young girls should be better"

One reason why the mother blames the school is that she's an impressionable simpleton. The liberal media - the BBC in particular - are constantly peddling this myth that teenage pregnancies are down to a lack of sex education in schools. This simply is not true - even if there was no sex education at all these girls (and whatever spotty youth they allowed to have his way with them) would still understand the basic mechanics of procreation. These 3 pregnancies are down to a lack of parental direction, a general lack of moral guidance and an indulgent welfare system.

My friend works for Income Support. "I've run out of fags, and me kids need burgers!" is an often-heard lament..

"Hopefully we may be able to get a bigger house, but who knows?". It can only be a matter of time before they do get that bigger house, have some more children and your dreams will be fulfilled!!

Labour government is a workers paradise.

Those young mothers, who you call vicky pollard, are workers and deserve their right to the welfare state.

The deserve medals for producing children for mother Britain. The fathers are heros of the European Union!

I would blame it on parental guidance or lack thereof.

At this rate these girls may live to see their great-great-great-grandchildren!

And in just over a decade their kids will be having kids...

The bare-faced cheek of this woman is something to behold. She actually managed to say this to Sky witha completely straight face.

If your cat behaved like this you'd have it spayed....Hmmm, not such a bad idea!!

How about this? Instead of flogging off surplus MoD housing to their developer chums, the government should put these irresponsible girls in, with the bare minimum of necessities issued and signed for (the way servicemen's wives always had to). No TV!!

No cash handouts, but free on-site child care so they can get off their behinds and WORK their way up in life like the rest of us.

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