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EU referendum

Interesting week ahaead on the EU Referendum - I have given up trying to read the tea leaves and so am glad for this explanation from a leading french expert...

"I think there will be a 'yes'. If we don't (vote 'yes'), there is a great risk there will be a 'no'".

Elizabeth Guigou, former French Europe minister


Sounds like a Colemanball to me!!

We will have a referendum only to find out we all don't want it, and then have another referendum until the government gets the answer it wants. Dam people. so a "NO" is a "YES" ??!!?

I work at the Europee'n Commission and I can tell you we are a bunch of Geniusi!

We shall decide what is best for you. For this weighty task, we are paid mucho dinirie-eye

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