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Mickey Mouse outrages Greenpeace

Telegraph | News | Disney's shark fin soup infuriates Green groups

Disneyland was attacked by enviornmental groups yesterday after it began advertising that it would serve shark's fin soup, a traditional Chinese delicacy, at its new theme park in Hong Kong.
In a clash between the host territory's traditional culture and western sensitivities, Disney was asked how it could square the love of nature promoted by films such as Finding Nemo and the wholesale annual slaughter of millions of sharks for their fins....

Turning the Chinese into a nation of vegetarians - a lifetime's work; will they achieve that before or after they get Bambi's mother to escape in the remake?


Well, for one thing, sharks can't really talk...

... and they're really tasty in soup.

"Finding Nemo" promoted a love of nature?

Who knew?

And there was me thinking it was just a vehicle for some C-list celebs to get a bit of voice-over work.

They were hoping to ride the coat-tails of Finding Nemo's anti-Western/People sub-text.
Sharks aren't threatened but the Ecoweenies latest message is: don't eat fish, straight out of Finding Nemo - mmm... yummy fish like Mahi-Mahi and Opakapaka and...can't wait to go to Hawaii...

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