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A light touch

BBC NEWS | Politics | Brown pledges law to cut red tape

Mr Brown said inspectors would in future target "bad traders", rather than continuing a system where "everyone was inspected continuously".
"Under a risk-based approach, there is no unjustifiable inspection, form-filling or requirement for information," he told the FT.

"The better view is that business wants to act responsibly. Reputation with customers and investors is more important to behaviour than regulation," he said.

Well that sound like an excellent step in the right direction - I suppose I ought to curb my cynicism and hope it at least partially happens. But having just filled in the longest, most complicated business form ever for the farm, which heralded the new simplified "light touch" SFP regime my doubts remain.


Would the 'bad traders' be the ones selling in Imperial units or the ones without wheelchair access?

This from the Chancellor ("Best in living memory" or the "Scottish Raj" depending on taste) who sold most of the nation's gold reserves at the lowest price in 20 years, since when the price has soared. That's prudence for you. I assume Adam Smith, also of Scotland, is revolving rapidly in his grave.
The things people do with other people's money!

"having just filled in the longest, most complicated business form ever"

Try applying for disability benefit. The one for DLA alone is 43 pages long

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