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Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Group to plug gaps in NHS

Médecins du Monde, an organisation usually associated with medical care for the poor and sick of developing countries, is planning to set up three clinics in London to treat people the NHS does not reach.

The NHS - envy of the world - to each according their need - the best care for everyone regardless of their circumstances - for the many not the few - the biggest employer in the western world ...And a fucking French charity has to come in to help out in London as though it is some third world disaster zone. No wonder this "envy of the rest of the world", just like the BBC, isn't actually copied by the rest of the world.


Now that London is the capital of the third world, it's only fitting it has a healthcare system to match.........

...And shortly a Third World ID card system (see above post) to match.

Welcome to North Korea. The Iron Curtain didn't collapse, it just moved offshore

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