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Papers Bitte!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Clarke makes second ID card bid

Senior backbencher Gwyneth Dunwoody said some Labour MPs were uneasy about the scheme.
"The history of police forces or governments holding every element of information about people's lives is not that they are always used responsibly, but used in some instances by governments for the worst possible reasons," she said.

Couldn't have put it better myself - well I could have I suppose; lets try - It wasn't the Nazi's who introduced ID cards but they gleefully used the information - and it is a stupid unwirkable idea - foreign tourists won't have them, so what protection does that give us from foreign terrorists, we didn't need them when the IRA was bombing us..... etc etc but how about? "I'm a free born Englishman and I shouldn't have to prove who the fuck I am to anybody, just so I can walk around my country." - I think that is more like it.


The Germans still use them...

"Ausweiss, bitte..."

The funniest thing was watching a couple of German police trying to puzzle out where it was I lived, exactly, from the papers I had presented to them.

I oppose ID cards in principle, but the use of them for oppression demands a certain level of efficiency and nous in the Civil Service that you will probably never find in this country. We would need a Nazi-style revolution in government in order to exploit ID cards. Put another way, the oppression inflicted via ID cards will be limited to an individual level rather than wholesale systemic abuse. Probably used against the mouthy teenage chav, for instance, who knows his rights.

And of course, that's wrong in any context...But I just don't ever see civil servants becoming efficient, particularly given the quagmire that is government computing in this country.

But you're right, they provide no extra level of protection. Besides which, if the big foreign terrorist threat occurs, it will probably come from within by someone with an ID card...There are a few hundred al-Qaeda-trained "Brits" floating around.

"There are a few hundred al-Qaeda-trained "Brits" floating around"

Well there are if you listen to the likes of Mad Dog Blunkett and Fungus Clarke.
The true figure is thought to be more like a couple of dozen.

What I never understood about the plan is they will not force Terrorists or Criminals to write their occupation on the cards. It they did that then the scheme might have some chance of success :)

As I've already said, the government already has all of my infomration, your to, all the ID card will do is make your wallet a fraction thicker.

Now come on. ID cards stopped the bombing in Madrid, they stopped 9/11 being planned in Germany.

They stop Europe having the same problem? with imigration that we supposedly have.

The Nu lab govt would have been better not to have scrapped the registration of visitors when entering and leaving the country.

As you will not need an ID card if you visit for less than three months anyone can just fly in "bomb" their target and leave.

The only uses of the cards I can see is to control us the resident population, shows that the govt is doing something (not effectively ) but doing something about NHS fraud etc.

Oh yes and they will be able to stop anyone buying, more than 1 macdonalds a week

I agree with English man Over my dead Body??

"all the ID card will do is make your wallet a fraction thicker."

At eighty five quid a pop, it'll make your wallet a lot THINNER, especially if you have a family. Just pray that no minimum wage semi-literate civil service clerk inputs the wrong data and gives you someone else's criminal record.......

'But the scheme will cost an estimated 584m to run every year - a cost of 93 per card, compared with an estimated cost of 85 per card in November.' - BBC

MUCH thinner!

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