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The BBC gives the Free-born Englishman's view

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Peculiarly British identity cards

The argument over identity cards may strike many foreign observers as peculiar, especially in continental Europe where they are long established.
The French embassy in London seemed bemused at being asked whether anybody in France objected to identity cards. They were an accepted fact of life and they allowed you to travel in other European Union countries without a passport - that was the message.

In Germany, everyone has to carry an ID card from the age of 16. A German diplomat told me: "Nobody thinks about it, nobody questions it... if you're in trouble, you just show it... we don't mind giving information if it's necessary."

The traditional objection of the free-born Englishman, as he would see himself, is summed up in the sentence: "Why should I have to prove who I am?"

What I actually said yesterday was:
An Englishman's Castle: Papers Bitte!

"I'm a free born Englishman and I shouldn't have to prove who the fuck I am to anybody, just so I can walk around my country."

Is someone listening to me?


Yes, actually. There are 3 million of us who would go to jail rather than submit to proving to the State who we are. We think the State should have to prove its rights to us rather than vice versa.

However, the Government knows this and is planning penalties which are more insididious. Rather than make 3 million martyrs, they will look for ways to penalise us financially, confiscate our assets, generally force us to punish our families by impoverishing them, rather than sacrifice our liberties to make our point.

"A German diplomat told me: 'Nobody thinks about it, nobody questions it'"

That about sums it up. What a compliant population they have, even totally unaware of the concept that the govenrment should do no more than absolutely necessary. The German citizen (along with many others) clearly regards himself as the property of the state, to submit to its demands and comply with its orders.

Frankly I don't care whether I have to carry an ID card or not, I've got nothing to hide and if the government want to know all about me they'll find it out whether ID cards are in or out. I've had security clearance from 2 government departments so far in my working life so they've already got a file on me anyway.

What I do object to though, is having to pay for it. That pisses me off. Especially when the cost is going up - they said 85 before and now they're saying VAT will make it 93.

Wait a minute - VAT? VAT is a commodity tax and is a tax on non-essential items (aka commodities). I don't think an ID card that you are compelled by law to have is a commodity.


Even if they didn't levy a charge up front you pay for everything the government does. Government is incapable to generating wealth or income, it simply taxes.

When I was growing up in Zimbabwe I had to get an ID card when I was 18. At that age I didn't question the governments right to impose an ID card on its citizens.
I did hear later, however, that the ID card scheme was a hangover from the Smith administration, who developed the system to keep track of the blacks. When I think of it that way I am inclined to oppose any such system.

That's "Ihre Papiere, bitte!" --to show your papers at the request of Authority is a duty (Pflicht) of the subjects of the Fatherland...
Achtung, and all that.

"I'm a free born Englishman...."

Actually you are a subject of the crown, that's how they get away with this crap - the principle of the politicians ruling 'in the name of the monarch'

Most of the world's atrocities can be blamed on someone acting in the name of the King/Queen/Pope/Fuhrer/Great Leader

Clearly with so many new migrants coming into Britain, ID cards are useful for ensuring that the English racists do not oppress the rights of New Citizens

Did you ever notice how few speed cameras there are in Scotland.

One day, take a drive up to Blair Castle, home of the Blair Clan. Perhaps send a postcard to the Met Police Commisioner...

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