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Yes Nanny

BBC NEWS | Health | Doctors' kitchen knives ban call

Doctors are calling for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives to reduce deaths from stabbing.

I suppose we soon will only be allowed to eat with plastic cutlery, or why not just make us live on Soup and Weetabix. It might be alright for the Tofu eaters but I need knives that cut meat!


Why stop at knives?

Let's ban automobiles to prevent road deaths.
Let's ban trains to prevent those deaths.

Plenty of people die in hospitals they must be unhealthy let's ban them.

We need to ban stupid doctors like these.

Repeat after me:

"It is not the knife that does the stabbing - it is the person wielding it"


You see, Tim, there's the root cause of your problem. If you persist in eating that yucky "meat" stuff, it leads to knives.

Can't have that.


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