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All are equal, but..

Telegraph | News | The number of Derbyshire police cars caught speeding: 59; The number of Derbyshire police officers prosecuted: 0

Fifty-nine police cars were caught speeding on one county's roads last year - but not a single driver was prosecuted.

None of the marked cars captured by speed cameras in Derbyshire was known to have been using blue emergency lights.
But in every case senior officers decided that the journey they were making justified breaking the speed limit.

Princess Toni having decided the problems we face in society are caused by a loss of "respect innit", perhaps he might care to look at this sort of behaviour... no, no chance it is one law for them and one for us.. how soon before we have Zil lanes through town for him and his cronies?


Yes indeed. See Magistrate's blog for a discussion on the copper doing 159 mph on the motorway and 84 mph in a 30 limit; in order to test the car and see what it could do!!! No blue lights or sirens. No conviction either.

The police are clearly exempt from the rule of law, it must be part of the deal, in return for lying down and taking ZaNu Labour "reforms" they get to be above the law. Which is fine because political correctness and ideology are more important than the law anyway; so provided they comply with the "important" guff they can ignore the law.

I wish to make clear there are no dangers to the UK citizen in this and we're definately not headed towards a despotic state Oh No.

I'm afraid you're already there. When the police have become an instrument of oppression and surveillance (the only thing lacking is ID cards, but they're coming soon) the only answer is revolution. ¿Where is the IRA when you really need it?

"how soon before we have Zil lanes through town for him and his cronies?"

Already, is the answer.

See that bus lane on the M4 coming in from Heathrow? What do you think it's really for? Buses? Naive or what?

New York cop to prostitute: "Hey do you girls ever really make it?"

Prostitute to NY Cop: "Do you boys ever get speeding tickets?"

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