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Never tasted Pork..

Telegraph | News | Royal priest in row over anti-semitic jibe about Howard

One of the Prince of Wales's favourite clerics was at the centre of a storm ..after an anti-semitic remark in a Cotswold pub.

The Rev Christopher Mulholland, 60, is in charge of several churches near the prince's Highgrove home and has regularly hunted with him and his sons with the Beaufort Hunt.

He is a colourful and outspoken character and has the reputation for politically incorrect opinions, but friends said he would have spoken with "self-mocking humour" and he was not a racist.

...When a waitress asked who had ordered a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, the vicar said: "Well it's certainly not for Michael Howard! I always say I couldn't trust a man who has not tasted pork."

I know this is an old story now, but it has only just struck me that of course the old boy wasn't being racist.

(If there is any basis for racism it is the belief in some sort of genetic superiority and inferiority of different races, it is the sort of belief you need as a socialist because you are concerned with ruling "a society" and therefore need to draw boundaries of who is in and who is out of it. Us vile free marketeers believe in dealing, and being friends, with anyone on the basis of what they offer and their individual characteristics, and to discriminate against a bunch of people of fatuous grounds is against logic and self-interest. Racism is based on genetic discrimination, an unalterable part of a person's being, which alone makes it obviously unfair. Discrimation based on people's lifestyle choices is something everyone does and is quite logical.)

"Not eating Pork" is a lifestyle choice, based on your choice of religion, no different to your choice in hats or shoes. And if saying "I could never trust someone wearing a "hoody"," is acceptable - as it seems to be now, then so is saying I don't trust a man who has denied himself the glorious joys of Bacon, Sausages, Gammon, Roast Pork, Crackling, Faggots, Pork Scratching, BBQ ribs etc. simply because of his choice of imaginary friend.

Oh, and I wish we had this sort of man as our local vicar!


Oh and I forgot ham on the list - honeycured, air dried, Serrano, Parma, treacle basted, hot with parsley sauce - oh, the list is never ending..

Typically stupid non-story picked up by the MSM. Clearly the comment doesn't make him a racist, if he wasn't joking then the comment (for me) was stupid and (to me) would suggest a lower degree of intelligence than I suspect the man has.

Given the context, it's clearly a jokey retort to the waitress's question. I'm equally sure that if someone would have found offence he would have apologised, it being a jokey comment after all.

The real story here is:-

"Brits can't speak in pub anymore without fear of being reported"

Surely time for the ancient tale of the Catholic priest and the rabbi, who sit and discuss the things denied by their religion - women and pork respectively. They decide to break their vows for one night only and meet the following day to compare notes.

"Well ?"

"It's better than pork, isn't it ?"

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