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Is the Englishman dead?

The AnarchAngel: In Memoriam - The English Man

You are nothing but Quislings, cowering in your corners, praying for the bad men to go away, because they make you feel uncomfortable. Harry is dead, Horatius is gone, John Bull is but a parody; a memory of "the bad old days".

A little harsh maybe? Please visit and read the whole post, and leave a comment if so inclined.


Duly left.

Hi Chris, Sorry you have been insulted by some guy who is not an Englishman. He is probably some foreign geezer trying to wind you up or a scum-bag lefty or an Arab. The real English are still here but a bit thin on the ground! Soldiers only go where they are told and do their duty, which any right thinking person who lives in the real world must understand even if they don’t agree with the politics. The scum bag who insulted you American patriots would not even be here without America’s help during WW2 , when Hitler and Nazi Germany had to be stood up to. (You was a little late in that one but we forgive you) Anyway pacifism does not work, it’s only a temporary stay of the inevitable!

No one agrees with naked aggression but nations and people have to stand up and be counted when attacked as America was on that terrible day in September four years ago. We could do with a few soldiers on our borders in the UK which are non-existent. The indigenous Brits are leaving our towns and cities like never before over 200,000 per year from London alone over the last few decades.

In England today we the English are very much on the political defence, in our culture and history. The lefties have infiltrated the highest echelons of government and the civil service. Even the BBC is bias against the English. I wrote a piece on the Englishman’s castle blog describing our blight its in the achieves on Tim’s blog dated around May 2nd 2005. It’s called a ‘Nation of Ostriches’ I think it cover very well the sentiments that many true English people feel about how our country is being run down, and overtaken by foreigners, and they not even armed!

God Bless America and England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
A Christian Blessing of course!


Actually Steve, I recognize that all Engliehmen are not yet "New Internationalists" or "Transnational Progressivists", but I look around and all I see are more and more boys and girls (I hesitate to call them men and women) sucking from the tit of the nanny state; and abdicating all their responsibility.

In the process they don't seem to notice, or even care, that they are trading away their freedom; and it frightens me.

For gods sakes; who would ever have thought that the Scots would become welfare babies?

Who is left to bring England back?

Hi Chris, that is the 64,000 dollar question, we do need somebody to pull us as a nation out of this smothering Nanny State mire. But any political big hitters as just not there or they are too scared to put there views in any line of fire. Just two small examples of state intervention in the last year, that you and other Americans may not be aware of! Hunting with dogs has been banned a tradition that has gone on for centuries. I have no strong views either way as long as they are not infringing on my postage stamp garden. You would think that farmers and country people would know what’s best for them, not the state.

A second issue, the Sparks (electricians) in the UK has just been criminalized from carrying out their trade, since January 1st 2005. A dictate from Europe with the conniving of Tony Blair’s government states that Sparks must now join trade organisations or have town councils surveyors come out and test every single electrical installation!! Sparks with 20, 30 plus years experience have to now put up with this Bollocks.

Electricians who have undertaken an indentured 5 year City & Guilds JIB journeyman apprenticeship count for nothing in the new know it all state. Many will carry on breaking the new bull-shit law. A competent electrician before Jan 1st 2005 Many with decades of experience, so what has changed!

A member of Parliament, a Jenny Tonge the liberal member for Richmond helped push for this. Her daughter was electrocuted by a Fitted Kichen company’s dodgy wiring of a socket a couple of years back. It was not even an electrician who carried out the job! So now the whole of the domestic industry has to suffer. Those who will benefit are the overlords of these new licenses which is a personal interference day to day sparks work. The cost will be around 1000 per year with on the site inspections. Before this a UK qualified spark had complete autonomy over his work. He could issue completion certificates if required. The cost will be passed on to the consumer and it will be like working in a big brother state. Around ten people are electrocuted a year in Britain but no all in the home, some road workers make this toll. We have hundreds if not thousands killed and injured on our roads are we now all to get an individual driving instructor to make our future journeys!

As for the welfare state it’s a good idea for a safety net for those who have contributed in with their national health stamps, and can’t afford to go private. But the whole third world and Eastern Europe are taking advantage of the National Health Service. We are plagued with Health tourists who come here under the pretence of a vacation or to study and they are wiping the floor with the free service their get which puts the indigenous Brit further back on the waiting list say nothing of the mass immigration and asylum that is going on!

PS incidentally Jenny Tonge the Member of Parliament is the same one from a year or two back who said she could understand why Palestinians go out strapped up with their suicide bombings!!!!!! Some fucking Member of Parliament don’t you think.

Her story is on this link


I had tears in my eyes as I read this posting. Please, please, O England, do not fade away.

"Hunting with dogs has been banned a tradition that has gone on for centuries."

I heard from a friend over there (he's an English country gent) who used to foxhunt that there are some loopholes in the ban to get around it:

You can take your dogs exercising and if they scent a fox while exercising then you can hunt it.

Up to two dogs may flush out a fox but it must be shot at once.

A pack of dogs may follow a dragged scent.

Yes, it is time for action 'tis true! Count me in!!

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