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Tonight's Job - Fix Bayonets!

Getting the bayonet to fit onto the Lee Metford
A couple of needle files and some oil cleaned the crud out
and doesn't she look great now?

"They don't like it up them, sir".


Wow nice looking rifle, I used to be an air cadet many moons ago, it looks similar to the 303 Lee Enfield that we use to use on the target ranges. What’s the history on the Lee Metford are they related and what period were the in service? Are you planning on protecting our non existent borders, I think a few of them with bayonets fixed could make the illegals and drugs smuggles think twice!

Are you coming down to the range on Monday night? If so, I trust you will bring the 'cold steel' along !!
Brian's face would be a picture ! although if Jim is there, with all the tin he has on his chest - I expect he can show you how to 'fix' properly.
Besides, when Jim did basic training, the Lee Metford was current issue kit

>"They don't like it up them, sir".

Actually I thought they did, until Sunday and Wednesday of this week showed they didn't.

Bayonets are a requirement! I'm getting one for my '44 Swiss K-31 to go with the one for my '44 Garand and the one for my 1898 Krag. :-) Hell, if my 1911A1 used one I'd get it for the pistol too, not enough bayonets on handguns as far as I can tell...

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