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Tory choices

Telegraph | News | Davis rejects advice to fight back on centre ground

In a move which may deter party moderates from backing his bid to succeed Michael Howard, Mr Davis appeared to spurn Sir John Major's advice last weekend that the party's route back to power had to lie in reclaiming the centre of politics.

So the Tories are against anyone offering a radical alternative to nuLabour - we will just be better middle managers will be the rallying call.

Note to Tories - if you search the newspapers beyond the pages describing your own internal politics there have been a couple of referendums recently. And I will give you a clue, it wasn't the cosy central ground politicians who won. Grow up, you are no longer playing student politics and trying to impress Arabella and scoring debating points; go and talk to some real people and offer a real alternative. A lame duck Prime Minister pushing failing policys, a divided Labour Party running out of steam and you can't provide a decent opposition party - you have no hope.


Quite right!

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