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No means No

EUROPA - Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the European Commission: my blog

The fragrant one is in a state of shock and for the sake of feminists everywhere needs reminding that "No means No" - I am sure she spent days chanting that in her earlier years. Now she seems to think it means - Maybe, well after a couple of glasses more of wine; yes.....

If you have time go and drop a comment on her blog; such as:

Dear Vice-President Wallström,

Which part of No do you and your various minions and spokespersons not understand?
Posted by Helen
Website: http://www.eureferendum.blogspot.com


Good luck getting a Euro Commissar publishing an anti EU statement.

The EU is anti democratic. What makes you think the EUI is interested in your views?

Is it just me or has TEBAF's blog disappeared?

Wonder why...

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