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Paying for the protesters

Edinburgh Evening News - Top Stories - Shortage of portable loos hits G8 camp plans

Frances Curran, MSP, representing the group G8 Alternatives earlier told councillors that camping facilities would be needed from Friday, July 1, through to Thursday, July 7, along with free transport between the sites and the city centre.

So you want free campsites, free portaloos, and free transport into the city centre so the poor bunnies don't even have to walk downtown to smash up the McDonald's - and who is paying for it all? I suppose at least there won't be a demand for free soap....


You know the thing that annoys me the most about these do-gooder tossers (apart from their willingness to spend my money) is that if they actually addressed the real cause of poverty in Africa et al then the force of numbers and cash money interests might actually acheive something.
If only they would wake up and smell the herbal infusion and recognise that they are making things worse.
Never gonna happen though....

Who's providing the music? Isn't this a rave-scene thing? Trash your country and party-on, let somebody else pay for it.

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