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Gordon Slapped

Telegraph | News | Bush slaps down Brown's plan to double Africa aid

President George W Bush has rebuffed Gordon Brown's plan to double aid to Africa, days before Tony Blair arrives in Washington to argue its merits....

America was not consulted on the scheme. But, to assume its share of the burden, it would be expected to raise a total of $12 billion (6.6 billion) a year at a time of severe budgetary cutbacks.

...Part of America's irritation with the debate on Africa is the way the rest of the world downplays or ignores its own increases in aid.

So Bush isn't actually keen on a plan that would cost the American taxpayer $12 Billion, and they weren't consulted on. What a surprise! Gordon is so keen on pissing away other people's money he just forgot that some people object to happening to them.


I think he just forgot that some people *can* object to it happening.

This may be a good object lesson for him.

The jerk!

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