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"Teneo te, Africa!"

("I have you, Africa!" Suetonius attributes this to Julius Caesar)

Telegraph | News | Blair gives up on his EU dream

Mr Blair, who will seek to shift the focus of his administration on to poverty in the Third World this week during talks with President Bush, has told his closest allies: "Africa is worth fighting for. Europe, in its present form, is not."

Tony! - over here! Any chance you could concentrate on Britain instead? I know you think you are too big and clever just to lead this little Island and want to be a "World Statesman" instead but you can do that by leading the UK - or you could pop down the road to see if the Commonwealth is still in business, shamefully neglected and wasted opportunity; or even grab the Anglosphere challenge and run with that....


Ssshhh! we don't want the bugger staying home and doing things,it's worth the money to see the back of him.

"Little Island" indeed. Feh.

Seventh biggest on the globe I think you will find.

Stop this "little island" stuff right now, OK?

I don't know why he feels that he must go so far afield. He could sort out Lambeth, and kill two birds with one stone.

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