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The Madness of nuLabour

Telegraph | News | Blanket fines for premises in 'alcohol zones'

The Government's campaign against binge drinking will include plans to fine all pubs, nightclubs and off-licences 100 a week regardless of whether they are specifically to blame, it emerged last night.

Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, has decided to allow drink disorder fines to be imposed not just on specific premises linked to drink-related problems but on all main licensed outlets within proposed new "alcohol disorder zones" (ADZs).

They have gone mad - I can see no other explanation. Propose a law that punishes the innocent along with the guilty for a new made up offence and think it is a sane and workable idea; there can be no other explanation.


That's a tax, not a fine.

"a law that punishes the innocent along with the guilty"

That would be the Firearms Act, in all it's udly amendments and incarnations

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