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Monday nights

Image taken on 6/6/2005 21:54

Took the Lee Metford down to the range at the Pub and tried a few adjustments of the back sight - getting closer despite my failing right eye; Mr FM wanted to see it with the bayonet (pictured). Pint or two of Barney's best Wadworth's IPA. He only scored 98% in the beer competition as he failed to wipe his keystones and shives - but then no one was going to get 100%: it is the best beer in the county! Ah, England at its best. Pity Kim wasn't there, I know he enjoyed his Monday night down there and he did pick out the rifle for me; but there will always be another time.



The beer looks great, however; I have always had the idea that when the beer spout actually touches the beer, in reality, it is in contact with the lips of the previous drinker. How do we keep the various and sundry diseases like aids, and herpes (and trichinosis?) from infecting us simple folk in the pub? Should we insist that only fresh glasses be filled?

Paranoid Barfly

You're doing this to spite me, aren't you?

"Lee-Metford and bitter: together, they built an Empire."

Or something like that.

Ray, I'm going back a few years now but once upon a time I was a barman (earning beer tokens whilst a student!) and I was told by t'gaffa that we HAD to give the punter a fresh glass every time. Whether this was a brewery rule or a health nazi law I don't recall.

It's a Health Nazi rule.

Interestingly, until recently it was the rule in Scotland but not in England.

In England you could opt to have your existing glass refilled, but in Scotland even if you volunteered that (to save the staff un-necessary washing-up) they were obliged to give you a fresh one every time.

Can't decide whether this shows the Scots know more about hygiene, or are more inclined to the statist approach in all things. On balance, the latter.

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