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Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate!

BBC NEWS | UK | Bill aims to target replica guns

Chief Superintendent Paul Robinson, who heads Scotland Yard's special firearms operational command unit, said "..that banning sales of the guns would, in all likelihood, result in a drop in armed robberies and firearms incidents."

So the bans they have introduced so far haven't worked, obviously more bans are needed...

Knives remain the weapon most commonly used in violent incidents, prompting the minimum age at which they can be bought to be increased from 16 to 18.

Remember that is all knives - butter knives, fish knives etc - no wonder the young have no table manners.
Remember At 16:
You can get married with your parents' or guardians' consent
You can buy cigarettes and tobacco
You can ride a moped of up to 50ccs
You can pilot a glider
A girl must be 16 before she can legally have sex with a boy
A male may consent to a homosexual act if he and his partner are both over 16
You can have an abortion without your parents consent
A boy can join the armed forces with his parents' or carers' consent
You can apply for your own passport
You can have beer or cider whilst eating a meal in a restaurant or an eating area of a pub, but not in the bar..
At 17
You can hold a licence to drive most vehicles
You can pilot a plane
You can emigrate...
probably not a bad idea the way this is all going.

The new legislation will also provide measures to deal with binge drinking.

That's Friday nights buggered then.

There are also plans to give community groups and parish councils the power to apply for Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos).

That will sort out Mr Free Market and his desire to mow his lawn on Sunday afternoon - they will slap an ASBO on him!


"You can have an abortion without your parents consent"

Oh come on that's 12 not 16

There is a pub landlord in Bristol with a parking lot on the site of an old pork butcher's shop. He put a sign up calling his car park the "Porking Yard" (more to do with the nocturnal activities of the local Darrens and Kylies than historic association with the meat trade) and promply got an ASBO because there is a mosque nearby..........

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