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And it is value for money?

Telegraph | Money | UK to swell Brussels' coffers by £14.6bn

Britain's gross contributions to the European Union could rise to £14.6billion by 2007-08, up from £12.1billion this year, according to figures published by the Treasury.

The figures - which came in a parliamentary answer - are likely to add to the confusion over exactly how much Britain contributes, which on current projections is equivalent to about 4p on income tax or the Home Office budget. Britain is the second biggest contributor after Germany.

And that is just the direct cost...; with any luck by 2007 the cost will be zero, zilch, not a bean!


I'm so glad to be contributing more to the EU, I'm sure the country is full of people like me, in fact it would be better if they didn't tax us and we could give to the EU voluntarily, I'm sure they'd get even more money.

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